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Came the long awaited update to version 0.8.0

2. the new improved graphics

All maps marked change lighting, in addition, with the release of the upgrade work begins on 0.8.0 Visual improvement of game locations. This upgrade will significantly change its appearance to the best 10 cards.

3. the new system camouflages

For each type of card – winter, summer and deserted — will be presented to the special kamuflâži. When you use this camouflage tank it will be automatically activated on the map of the appropriate type and give an additional bonus to invisibility.

4. change and improved game interface

Radial graphic menu orders.

Enhanced quick commands with a new, more intuitive and easier to use interface.

Advanced combat stats.

Posleboevoj advanced system of statistics: information about the outcome of the battle will be displayed in the hangar without time limit. Statistics will be much more detailed and thorough.

5. personal logo and lettering

Large selection of personal emblems and decals for technology, thanks to which the players will be able to personalize each of its military machine.

And it is only a small part of changes and innovations.

The full list of changes for version 0.7.5 0.8.0 updates can be found here.
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Published on 25 September 2012

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