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Menu Abstract background for Counter-Strike 1.6

20 October 2012
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 Menu Abstract background for Counter-Strike 1.6
Posted: wawilon Downloads: 2996 Comments: 3
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  • Ganesh
    Ganesh Offline
     Member 40
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    Do mods of cs 1.6 work on condition zero?
    15 July 2014 17:24
  • MarkQiN
    MarkQiN Offline
     Member 0
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    Ganesh, Yep they do but , it's gonna keep kicking you from multiplayer servers with an error in your Gun , or It's gonna work but you can see it "Left Handed"
    That happened for me. (Talking about GUN Mods)
    About the backgrounds and GUIs , they work good.
    17 July 2014 09:56
    reply to a comment Ganesh
  • Ganesh
    Ganesh Offline
     Member 40
    - +1 +
    MarkQiN, Thnx for replying.Now I can install this mod without any danger of messing up with the game! beer
    17 July 2014 11:33
    reply to a comment MarkQiN

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