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The first official art GTA V for Farming Simulator 2013

[exclusive]EXCLUSIVE[/exclusive] The first official art GTA V for Farming Simulator 2013
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Published on 29 October 2012

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The first official art GTA V

GTA V trailer is analyzed in detail. Now we should find out the artwork which has a lot of interesting details which give food for thought to the next word from Rockstar.
Appear on the image: rifles with silencers, aircraft, backpacks, inscription \"Anna Rex\" and the two men are familiar to us from the first trailer fifth of the series.
So, perhaps we will start from the beginning. Machines in the picture probably Russian AK-47, which, as can be seen fitted silencers. Maybe in GTA V players will be able to choose the modules and dodger for machine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, and so on. In the blue sky Los-Santosa flying passenger plane which is likely to be available for travel as a passenger, and who knows, maybe steer give.
The most important part of the art - the two men who apparently came to \"go to work\", respirators will likely need to mask, and maybe not to breathe the poison gas they process the premise \"yuvelirkoy\" what is called \"taking\". The inscription \"Anna Rex\" probably belongs to the store in the door of which is ready to break the villains with backpacks, curious, that this store has already been seen in the Chinatown Wars and GTA IV. In certain backpacks can carry weapons, grenades and hamburgers, then the characters GTA series has always fetched weapons from the left side of the body, around the sides of a realistic and did not look strange if the new part of the game will be available to the subject, the problem with \"taking out\" weapons will disappear forever.
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