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Global change game for GTA 3

24 October 2016
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Глобальное изменение игры for GTA 3
Moderators: smalloff, GM-robot
This pack will change your game forever! The Pack includes: transportation (airplanes, trains, cars, boats, helicopters), Cleo scripts, mods, weapon skins. Completely replaced the entire transport. Tried to replace the to qualitative models, Russian auto industry is, but its a little. Replaced by the texture of many objects, such as dam Park, sight, asylum (all 3), vegetation, airport, signs, refilling, etc. So you will be able to include first-person view (backspace), take the passenger in the car (take G exit F), walk (ALT + W). Also in the game appeared speedometer, twist the steering wheel (only on certain models) to obtain the bazooka at any store games, change your skin (Page Down, Page up, forward and backward), the world you and gangs. Replacement of vegetation effects, markers, roads. Opportunity to get into a ghost town.
Pack include 103 modifications:
  1. First person
  2. Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Ambulance replace Ambulance
  3. New effects
  4. Checker Marathon ' 77 replace Cabbie
  5. More Weapons At Ammu Nation
  6. Walking
  7. The Passenger
  8. Speedometer
  9. GoodGangs
  10. Russian newspapers
  11. HD road
  12. GTA 4 marker
  13. (IV) pickups
  14. Train from GTA 4 replace Train
  15. New sniper scope
  16. New textures asylum in Staunton Island
  17. SV R-txd Beta2
  18. Goodyear Blimp replace Deaddodo
  19. Realistic vegetation
  20. Šamal replace Dodo
  21. A New AMCo
  22. Tunnel in the town of Spectre v2
  23. ESSO Filling
  24. Carrefour
  25. Latvian road signs in liberty
  26. New House of Claude and Club Luigi
  27. New Payphone
  28. Niko Bellic
  29. SV R-txd Beta1 MipMapped
  30. Am General m-939A2 1983 replace Barracks
  31. Park HD
  32. School bus HD v1 replace Bus
  33. Patrol Boat River Mark 2 (Player_At_Wheel) replace Predator
  34. CLEO V
  35. Instant hospital treatment and without taking the weapons
  36. Change Player skin
  37. GMC C5500 TopKick 2004 replace Yankee
  38. Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 "TT Black Revel" replace Columb
  39. Ford Crown Victoria commercial taxi P72 1999 replace Borgnine
  40. Dodge Ram SRT-10 TT Black Revel " replace Bobcat
  41. Kenworth T-800 construction version replace Panlant
  42. Ford Crown Victoria P70 LWB 2007-2011 Taxi g replace Taxi
  43. Nissan GT-R Spec-V "Black Revel" replace Esperanto
  44. BMW Z4 V10 2011 TT Black Revel " replace Stallion
  45. BMP-2 v 2.0 replace Rhino
  46. Dodge Aries 1983 replace Corpse
  47. Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 "Black Revel" replace Idaho
  48. Koenigsegg CCXR Edition replace Yakuza
  49. Citroen SM 1972 replace Yardie
  50. Lincoln Town Car 2011 replace Stretch
  51. 2002 BMW 760i replace Mafia
  52. Bugatti Veyron "Extreme" replace Infernus
  53. Chevrolet Apache Fleetside 1958 replace Mule
  54. Ford Crown Victoria LCPD Cruiser 1998 (slightly dirty and with steel wheels (without caps)) replace Police
  55. Ferrari 360 Modena V12 "TT Black Revel" replace Cheetah
  56. RC Cheetah replace RC Bandit
  57. HD Ghost replace Ghost
  58. Nissan Silvia S14 RB26DETT "Black Revel" replace Manana
  59. Dodge Viper SRT-10 Roadster TT Black Revel " replace Banshee
  60. Dodge Charger SRT8 2012 "TT Black Revel" replace Kuruma
  61. Jaguar XJ220S "Black Revel" replace Stinger
  62. Mercedes-Benz W140 500SE 1991 replace Hoods
  63. Chevrolet Suburban 2003 Z71 replace Landstalker
  64. Pak domestic weapons v3
  65. Dacia Logan FBI replace FBI car
  66. Boxville from GTA 4 replace Bellyup
  67. Hospital R-TXD
  68. University R-TXD
  69. GTA 4 Police Stockade replace Enforcer
  70. VAZ 2104 replace Perennial
  71. RAF 977DM replace Rumpo
  72. Volvo FH16 replace Lineruner
  73. Toyota Hilux 4 x 4 SRV replace Patriot
  74. UAZ-3741 replace Pony
  75. Wellcraft Scarab 38 KV replace Speeder
  76. GTA V Radar Style
  77. Dodge Challenger SRT-8 replace Diablos
  78. GAZ 32213 v2.0 replace Toyz
  79. Gazelle 33023 Coca-Cola replace Mr.Wongs
  80. KAMAZ 65117 replace Flatbed
  81. Il-76td-90vd to Volga-Dnepr Airlines replace Airtrain
  82. Toyota Prius 2011 replace Blista
  83. Yacht v2.0 replace Reefer
  84. Lexx 198 Garbage Truck replace Trashmaster
  85. New textures airport
  86. KAMAZ 53213 AP-5 replace Firetruck
  87. Steering wheel
  88. Honda Accord 2010 v 2.4.4 final replace Sentinel
  89. LAZ 52527 replace Coach
  90. Audi S4 replace Moonbeam
  91. HD Escape replace Escape
  92. HD Chopper replace Chopper
  93. Swiming
  94. VW Beetle Baja Bug replace BF Injection
  95. Alone In The Dark cop
  96. New taxi driver
  97. Citizen from Saboteur
  98. The old man of the Saboteur
  99. Call Of Duty MW2 armeec
  100. Call Of Duty MW2 FBRovec
  101. REI in school uniform from the end of Evangelion
  102. Asuka in school uniform from the end of Evangelion
  103. Asuka in the costume of the end of Evangelion
Pack author: Vovan244 Downloads: 7757 Comments: 1
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    game doesn't play...all i get is unhandeled exception error on both 1.0 & 1.1 version??? please
    13 August 2017 22:51

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