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III Style 1996 Andreas for GTA 3

2 December 2017
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 III 1996 Style Andreas for GTA 3
Global mod San Andreas style. Feel like in GTA SA! Skins from SA and SA-style aircraft, hood road, radar, boats and cars, and more! Enjoyable game!
Pack include 55 modifications:
  1. Customs The Callahan Garage
  2. City map
  3. Hotknife HD from GTA San Andreas replace BF Injection
  4. More Weapons At Ammu Nation
  5. Jetpack
  6. The road from San Andreas
  7. Grove Street Claude
  8. Liberty CJ
  9. Hidden Interiors Opened Up
  10. Šamal replace Deaddodo
  11. Tunnel in the town of Spectre v2
  12. New armament cops
  13. The new camera on the train
  14. Hood in the style of San Andreas
  15. CJ GTA San Andreas
  16. Barracks of the GTA SA replace Barracks
  17. Flatbed from GTA SA replace Flatbed
  18. Reefer from GTA SA replace Reefer
  19. Stratum of GTA SA replace Blista
  20. Mr. Whoop of GTA SA replace Mr.Whoop
  21. Securica from GTA SA replace Security car
  22. Predator from GTA SA replace Predator
  23. Dodo from GTA SA replace Dodo
  24. Hermes of GTA SA replace Bellyup
  25. Moonbeam of GTA SA replace Moonbeam
  26. Benson from GTA SA replace Mr.Wongs
  27. Pony from GTA SA replace Pony
  28. RC Cam v0.9 replace RC Bandit
  29. Burrito (NFSUC) No. 1 replace Banshee
  30. Burrito (NFSUC) # 2 replace Borgnine
  31. Burrito (NFSUC) No. 3 replace Cheetah
  32. Burrito (NFSUC) No. 4 replace Idaho
  33. Burrito (NFSUC) No. 5 replace Hoods
  34. Patriot (NFSUC) No. 1 replace Esperanto
  35. Patriot (NFSUC) No. 5 replace Patriot
  36. Cluckin' Bell
  37. Diablo Phoenix replace Diablos
  38. Bobcat of GTA SA replace Bobcat
  39. RancherXL (NFSUC) No. 1 replace Police
  40. GTA SA Enforcer replace Enforcer
  41. GTA SA Rumpo replace Rumpo
  42. RancherXL (NFSUC) # 2 replace Yardie
  43. GTA SA Topfun replace Toyz
  44. RancherXL (NFSUC) No. 3 replace Columb
  45. GTA SA stretch replace Stretch
  46. GTA SA Tahoma replace Yakuza
  47. Boeing 737 replace Airtrain
  48. III HQ Color Radar
  49. Steering wheel
  50. Swiming
  51. The new Office of all cars similar to SA
  52. Patch retractable Cuba on headlamps
  53. Patch walk
  54. Destroy the airtrain
  55. No Splash
Pack author: Vone Downloads: 134 Comments: 0
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