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Vaz-2105 police for GTA 4

Vaz-2105 police for GTA 4
 ВАЗ-2105 милиция for GTA 4 miniature 1  ВАЗ-2105 милиция for GTA 4 miniature 2  ВАЗ-2105 милиция for GTA 4 miniature 3  ВАЗ-2105 милиция for GTA 4 miniature 4  ВАЗ-2105 милиция for GTA 4 miniature 5
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Published on 13 January 2013

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VAZ 2105 (Lada 2105), Soviet and Russian passenger car is normally a small class (segment b) sedan. Developed on the Volga automobile plant ". Since 1979, the M60.

Is the cheapest car on the market (as of March 2010, the price is 163.576 rubles), mainly due to lower equipment (most essential controls) and highest technical obsolescence.

VAZ 2105 model was developed by major upgrade previously produced models within the " second generation rear-engined cars " as a replacement for the firstborn VAZ 2101 zhiguli. The first pilot batch of VAZ 2105 were produced in 1979, and full production began in 1980. On the base model 2105 were later mastered luxury sedan " " VAZ 2107 and VAZ 2104 station wagon. Since the mid 90 's to the mid-2000 's, with the use of VAZ 2105 units and aggregates were melkoserijno pickup/Panel van WIES 2345.

Engines of VAZ 2101 (1.2-litre carburettor, 58 HP) and VAZ 4132 (wankel Rotary engine 1.3-liter, 140 HP, 186 Nm, for low volume specmodifikacij for traffic police, INTERIOR MINISTRY and the KGB).
Author:  Vint
Converter:  Кирик89
Author`s site:
Model to replace: Police Patrol
Make: ВАЗ
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