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BMW M6 2010 v 1.4 for GTA 4

BMW M6 2010 v 1.4 for GTA 4
 BMW M6 2010 v1.4 for GTA 4 miniature 1  BMW M6 2010 v1.4 for GTA 4 miniature 2  BMW M6 2010 v1.4 for GTA 4 miniature 3  BMW M6 2010 v1.4 for GTA 4 miniature 4  BMW M6 2010 v1.4 for GTA 4 miniature 5
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Published on 20 January 2013

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Features Auto:
-all working parts auto
-correctly overlay the dirt
-break all the Windows
-the correct drives when a broken tyre
-Auto bastions, beats like all standard
-hands are on the handlebars of Niko
-the exterior can kill all who sit inside
-properly functioning headlights
-properly configured handling
-high quality auto
-traces of bullets are on auto
-Auto correct size
-windshield from inside not zatonirovano
-the glass is dirty
-no more cracks near the mirrors on the doors
-the roof is covered with carbon
-removed roof painting
-3D Engine
-new textures in the Salon
Auto-optimized for ENB, and games without the ENB
-All the features of the game
-3D boot

Changes in this version:
-Put the Stock rims
-The rear window is broken as is
-Backlight Panel
-all of the holes are sealed
-stitching on the bumper spainy
-good handling settings
-from the trunk, nothing sticks out more
-under the hood slits also sealed and zateksturiny
-take all your comments:)

Muscular elegance

Athletic and elegant look, attracts the M6 Dynamics
It doesn't matter which side you look at it. The Impressive
with a powerful front end bumper and developed
air intakes makes a lasting impression.
If you look at the car sideways, everything focuses
the perfect streamlined form branded mirrors m typical
aerodynamic obveske and expressive side
the rear fenders with pointers twists and distinctive
" m " mark. Muscular rear end with four exhaust
pipes and a hexagonal cone stressed the broad gauge
front and rear of the car.

Dynamics in its most beautiful manifestation

Dynamic exterior lines are continued in the Interior
Salon. White shimmer highlighter Rapids M6 creates a special feeling.
Driver's seat with its sophisticated elegance and
expressive display with the widest functionality.
Ergonomic Sport seats with adjustable m width
the backrest, turn the extreme driving a stylish pleasure.
Luxury finish leather Merino and pleasing in appearance and to the touch. The colors and
materials are ideally combined with each other, providing important nuances
for even more driving fun.

High turnover, the maximum power

Gentle pressing the gas pedal to the engine showed
its tremendous power. Having a working volume of 5 liters and power of 500 HP.
engine has potential, unique Motors racing
cars. Maximum RPM reaches an impressive rate-
8250 rpm, and throttle bodies offer easy ten
flow of the fuel mixture in the cylinders. In combination with control system work
double-VANOS valve that allows the engine to react instantly by pressing a
gas pedal. High-performance electronic system that controls the behavior of ionic
flows in cylinders, provides motor full potential at high
Author:  DesertFox
Country:  England
Tank type:  Medium
Author`s e-mail:
Author`s site:
Model to replace: Comet
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