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Brake Lights v1.0 for GTA 4

Brake Lights v1.0 for GTA 4
 Brake Lights v1.0 for GTA 4 miniature 1
 Brake Lights v1.0 for GTA 4 miniature 2
 Brake Lights v1.0 for GTA 4 miniature 3
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Published on 8 September 2016

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Adds to the cars of workers (zažigaûŝiesâ when braking) stoplights.

Stop burn during a stop and braking your car;

To activate/deactivate the need for a second hold "CTRL + SHIFT + F6":
You can change the key (which defaults to F6) in the file "Skorpro Brake Lights.ini".
Also, there is a file "! KeyList! "There are recorded all the keys to change the CTRL + SHIFT + b (if you are uncomfortable). I think you're done. The installation goes in the game folder, so that the long search for files is not necessary.

Note: during the missions and backdrops for works.
Note: there is a small BUG! When you stand with included Stop-Signal not turn front wheels (left and right), but on the go, everything is fine.

Changes to the updated version:
Fixed bug with phone usage in transport;
Fixed a bug when you transport with your friends;
Fixed bug with relegation games.
Author:  Skorpro
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