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Grand Theft Auto V +19 Trainer by FLiNG for GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto V +19 Trainer by FLiNG

Very cool trainer from FLiNG. Works on the Steam version. All stable, the game crashes. For the trainer in a single company's ban will not give, and in Online have not tried and do not advise!

Key assignments:

Insert-Inc. Trainer
ALT + Num 1-Infinite life
ALT + Num 2-Infinite life transport
ALT + Num 3-infinite money
ALT + Num 4-infinite ammo/grenades
ALT + Num 5-without recharging
ALT + Num 6-infinite stamina
ALT + Num 7-infinite armor
ALT + Num 8-Unlimited special abilities
ALT + Num 9-infinite oxygen
ALT + Num 0-Remove wanted level
ALT + Num + |-+1 daytime hour | -1 h
Alt + Num. -Rewind the time 10 sec. ago
CTRL + Num 1-Add $ 100
CTRL + Num 2-change the weather
CTRL + Num 3-Prods without recharging
Home-Disable all

Download: Grand-Theft-Auto-V-v1.0.323.1-v1.0.331.1-Plus-19-Trainer.rar
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Published on 29 April 2015

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