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GTA 4 how to earn money?

25 January 2015
As with other games in the series, GTA 4 has its own monetary system, attached to the player's personal account. The main income comes from the missions and perform additional tasks (for example, from Brucie Kibbutz, Stevie or random passers-by).

In addition, make money in GTA 4 can be using the opening cash registers in stores or robberies of collector cars (after the explosion, armoured cars, the money just lying around in the street).

The money can be spent on food, drink and purchase useful items (weapons, armor), clothing. Amusement rides with friends and girlfriends also require quite a large expense.

Plus, you can spend your earned in Grand Theft Auto 4 money by giving away their street musicians and such as tramps.

Among other things, your earnings on the account affects the rank in multiplayer mode:
1-$ 1,000
2-$ 10,000
3-$ 50,000
4-$ 100,000
5-$ 250,000
6-$ 500,000
7-$ 750,000
8-$ 1,000, 000000
9-$ 2,500, 000000
10-$ 5,000, 000000

And in the end a dry list of how you can earn money in GTA 4:

Car theft -six hours after you deliver Stevie last 30 minutes, the car of a list, you will receive a message that you continue to supply cars to the garage. For each car you can get to 11 000 $ (Turismo or Super GT, the most expensive cars in the game). Schedule of payments is 10% of the retail price of the car because of its damage;
The killing of passers-by -among them is money, so it was in Grand Theft Auto always;
The work of the police -abducting car cops and going into the computer in the "ongoing crimes" ("View Current Crimes"), it is possible to find the perpetrators. The whole shtick is that for dealing with the criminal element, you do not pay the money within the framework of the mission but of the slain criminal's vyvalitsâ much more money than the pockets of ordinary passerby;
The explosion of a collector's car -green you can only blow up an armored truck to get to the money. Blow up better in a deserted side street to nahvatat′sâ stars (two, if you see a police officer). Either use bomb Packs, then tracing is not exactly stars;
Atms at ATM and we are looking forward to the careless passer-by, who wants to withdraw money, then give him in a dark alley on the head;
Box office-find any store with a cash register, send the riflescope directly at the cashier and go to it. For robbery it is possible to get nearly $ 100 and 1 or 2 star search, so the event is not very profitable. In the shop of Perseus CASS not!
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