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Simple Native Trainer v for GTA 4

28 November 2013
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Simple Native Trainer v for GTA 4
Author:  sjaak327
Trainer works in GTA IV,,,,,, and EFLC,

Added the ability to install all of the cars in trainer.ini;
Fixed problem with active/inactive phone save;
Settings for police helicopters are now preserved and.INI;
"Added" auto now in the main menu of the trainer.

Simple Native Trainer — can create next to Niko any characters and firearms are ordinary people, transport, gives you the ability to teleport, include a speedometer, God mode, disable the police get infinite ammo, reassign keys and much more.


RCtrl + RAlt + D-Off trainer
RCtrl + RAlt + E-Enable trainer

Vnutriigravoe menu:
F3 Show vnutriigravoe menu
F4 Hide menu vnutriigravoe
-Catch the machine
Num. -Increase the speed of the car
Ralt + B-set the bomb on the car
RCTRL + B-bomb
RCTRL + C-enable/disable super jump
RCTRL + H-Kill hostile pedestrian attached to destination M.
RCTRL + I-kill the alarm attached to the destination M.
RCTRL + K-Teleport all the guards to the player
RCTRL + L-Teleport to the machine
RCTRL + M-Teleport to the place of destination
RCTRL + O-save position in trainer.ini
RCTRL + R-save/load clothes in/from the slot 1
RCTRL + V-Clean Clothes

M + Num 0-enable/disable seat belt
M + Num 1-respect and friendship and 100% Pakki
M + Num 2-the respect and friendship of Brucie and Dvejna 100%
M + Num 3-the respect and friendship of a small Džejokba 100%
M + Num 4-Include procedural animation (portray death)
M + Num 5-Return standard animations (to normal position)
M + Num 6-drunk camera
M + Num 7-Remove drunk camera
M + Num 8-Attach/release the car to/from the morgue/a-ski/a
M + Num 9-start/stop time

LAlt + Num 0-slow down time
LAlt + Num 1-noon (12)
LAlt + Num 2-afternoon (18)
LAlt + Num 3-evening (23)
LAlt + Num 4-night (5)
LAlt + Num 5-Add 1:0
LAlt + Num 6-return to 1:0
LAlt + Num 7-get weapons set 1/2
LAlt + Num 8-get your armor
LAlt + Num 9-maximum life

RAlt + Num 0-set the time in the game, the time that is set on the computer
RAlt + Num 1-extra sunny
RAlt + Num 2-Sunny
RAlt + Num 3-sunny and windy
RAlt + Num 4-Cloudy
RAlt + Num 5-Rainy
RAlt + Num 6-vaporisation
RAlt + Num 7-Foggy
RAlt + Num 8-Thunderstorm
RAlt + Num 9-Player see/invisible

RCtrl + Num 0-close/open a car door
RCtrl + Num 1-repair the car
RCtrl + Num 2-turn the car
RCtrl + Num 3-Wash the car
RCtrl + Num 4-change the color of the car in red
RCtrl + Num 5-change the color of the car in blue
RCtrl + Num 6-change the color of the car in black
RCtrl + Num 7-change the color of the car in green
RCtrl + Num 8-change the color of the car in white
RCtrl + Num 9-change the color of the car in yellow

I + Num 0-turn 90 degrees to the car
I + Num 1-Open the left front door
I + Num 2-open the right front door
I + Num 3-open the left rear door
I + Num 4-Open right rear door
I + Num 5-open the hood
I + Num 6-open the boot
I + Num 7-Open all doors
I + Num 8-enable/disable speedometer (KM/h)
I + Num 9-enable/disable the alarm

J + Num 0-Start/stop the engine
J + Num 1-close the left front door
J + Num 2-close the right front door
J + Num 3-close the left rear door
J + Num 4-close the right rear door
J + Num 5-close hood
J + Num 6-close trunk
J + Num 7-close all the doors
J + Num 8-switch on/off the speedometer (m/h)
J + Num 9-Machine/player are visible/invisible

K + Num 0-enable/disable the headlights
K + Num 1-Keep the car
K + Num 2-sit in a stored machine
K + Num 3-Put the player on the passenger seat
K + Num 4-Remove the left front window
K + Num 5-Remove the right front window
K + Num 6-Remove the left rear window
K + Num 7-Remove the right rear window
K + Num 8-remove all Windows

O + Num 0-Teleport to the handle
~ '-Taxi
O + Num 1-free taxi
O + Num 2-Light nearest PEDA
O + Num 3-Make pedestrian use procedural animation (portray death)
O + Num 4-Freeze nearest PEDA
O + Num 5-Defrost nearest PEDA
O + Num 6-Add life to the player (200 units)
O + Num 7-create a security guard
O + Num 8-remove all the guards
O + Num 9-Sit/stand up

L + Num 0-Open all doors
L + Num 1-Create an attacking PEDA
L + Num 2-view the map
L + Num 3-Create random security guard
L + Num 4-Create random PEDA
L + Num 5-create the PEDA
L + Num 6-show/hide HUD and radar
L + Num 7-enable/disable the wireless radio
L + Num 8-switch the radio up
L + Num 9-switch the radio station down
N-next song on the radio
RCTRL + T-enable/disable dynamic objects
RCTRL + U Delete the most recently created object
RCTRL + X-the most recently created object invisible/visible
RCTRL + Y-all created objects are visible/invisible
RCTRL + Z-Create an explosion next to the player
LAlt + I-go online
LAlt + J-freeze the nearest auto
LAlt + K-Hop into the nearest car as a passenger

Flight mode:
F6-toggle flight mode
Num 8-forward
Num 2-Back
Num 6-Rotate clockwise
Num 4-turn counterclockwise
Right-tilt right
Left-lean left

The creation of vehicles:
Alt + A-Turismo
Alt + B-Comet
Alt + C-Infernus
Alt + D-Super GT
Alt + E-Feltzer
Alt + F-Schafter
Alt + G-FBI Buffalo

Alt + M-NRG900
Alt + N-Sanchez

Alt + R-random transport

Alt + T-Annihilator
Alt + U-Maverick

Alt + X-Jetmax

+0 LAlt-Smash car window
+1 LAlt-create an object 1
+2 LAlt-create an object 2
+3 LAlt-create a 3
+4 LAlt-create a 4
+5 LAlt-create an object 5
+6 LAlt-clear the area
+7 LAlt-blow up the car, marked with a marker
+8 LAlt-Create a random attacker PEDA
+9 LAlt-enable/disable neon
RAlt +0-random voice player
RAlt +1-Download animations from slot 1
RAlt +2-Download animations from the slot 2
RAlt +3-Download animations from the slot 3
RAlt +4-Download animations from the slot 4
RAlt +5-Download animations from the slot 5
RAlt +6-Give a task to the last created pedu
RAlt +7-go train
RAlt +8-Save auto in slot 1
RAlt +9-Download slot cars 1
+1-RShift Download voice from slot 1
+2-RShift Download voice from the slot 2
+3-RShift Download voice from the slot 3
+4-RShift Download voice from the slot 4
+5-RShift Download voice from the slot 5
+6-RShift Download voice from the slot 6
+7-RShift Download voice from the slot 7
+8-RShift Download voice from the slot 8
+9-RShift Download voice from the slot 9
+0-RShift Download voice from the slot 10
M +0-move the last object created
M +1-clone last object created
M +2-Freeze car
M +3-Thaw car
M +4-Freeze player
M +5-Defrost player
M +6-blow up the saved car
M +7-cruise control
M +8-move player
M +9-enable/disable the lock chamber
J-turn off procedural animation jump
R-speeding car back (do not hold for long, since the speed increases)
X-preview object
RAlt + A To the nearest PEDA guard

L-Set station
Numpad +-increase speed
Numpad--decrease speed
B-stop the train
R-open/close the right door
L.-open/close the left door
Q-switch on/off the automatic stop
R-Rotate camera clockwise
X-Rotate camera counterclockwise
W/S-move camera forward/backward
A/D-move the camera left/right
F-choose to train
Enter-Skip mission
Num 0-revert to the regular game camera
Num 1-view from the cab
Num 2-Camera in the cabin 1
Num 3-Camera in the cabin 2
Num 4-Camera in the cabin 3
Num 5-sided camera 1
Num 6-sided camera 2
Num 7 roof camera
Num 8-front Camera
Num 9-rear Camera

Num 4-left side
Num 6-right side
Num 2-back side
Num 8-front side
Num 5-Center

Gravity gun:
RCTRL + J-turn on/off the "Gravitational Cannon"
Right click-Move (left/right)
The mouse wheel forward-move forward
The mouse wheel back-move back
Left mouse button-Fire

Only in TLaD:
M + Num 1-friendship and respect 100% Glue
M + Num 2-friendship and respect Terry 100%
M + Num 3-the friendship and respect of Jimma 100%

TBoGT only:
M + Num 1-friendship and respect 100% of Armando
M + Num 2-friendship and respect 100% of Enrique
M + Num 3-get parachute
F7-smoke (out)
L + Num 2-rapid reload Nitro
RAlt + G-reset settings Nitro
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