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VAZ Tuning 2112 (F) for GTA San Andreas

13 March 2013
Model to replace This modification replaces Bravura model in the game.
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Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 ВАЗ 2112 Tuning F for GTA San Andreas
Custom settings This model contains custom settings for:
  • handling
  • carcols
  • carmods

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Tuning support This model supports tuning in Transfeder and other tuning houses.
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Custom tuning parts This mod does not contain custom tuning parts.
Steering wheel positition Steering wheel in this car is on the left.
Drive This is a front wheel drive vehicle
Paintjobs This modification does not contain paintjobs.
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Extras This model does not contain extras.
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Adapt to AD This model is not adapted to Active Dashboard mod.
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Adapt to IVF This model is not adapted to Improved Vehicle Features mod.
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The "net" "2112" rabid šestnadcatiklapannyj phased motor with fuel injection and cylinder head "features almost 100 horsepower. By bringing them together and how it should be prišporiv, in twelve seconds razmenivaem first hundred on the speedometer. And just a bit dotâgivaem not to the second. No wonder some 15 km/h, and the beginning of a new era of massive domestic cars. However, "native" 185 even amid so many foreign cars are quite worthy. "Porsche" is not, of course, but already something. Pleasure tickles self-love "sloppy" working gas-immediately thwarted on Yelp. And let the owners of all there "zhigulis" twist after a finger at his temple is they envy. Importantly, stop! Upset as to powerful Steed in the framework of the brakes. Front ventilated discs, their oversized and therefore less prone to overheating and "betrayal". Trigger the brakes a little sharper than on the "top ten", but quickly get used to it. Instead of trying to put pressure on the pedal, it only slightly poglaživaeš′ and the car obediently crouches-"Ku" host, a sign of respect and good upbringing "twelfth". But in a move so fast car too much softness is contraindicated. Suspension is a tough, tenacious and holds the road detail informs the driver that had not yet departed. Replicate natural profile, rather than extradite him to the desired, without "unnecessary" pits and tubercles-this task she was addressing. Četyrnadcatidûjmovye-wheel-just what is so lacking, "ten". Why? Look at the tractor "Belarus"-the answer is obvious. Besides the exterior won. Nobly reaches roof line, short rear overhang and a spoiler behind the glass gave newcomer a complete and rapid. Beautiful planes, they say, well fly. Perhaps this is true for cars. Of course, they should not fly, but ride with whistling winds too uncomfortable. The drag coefficient of the "twelfth" is surprisingly low, just 0.3! The rear window is always pure and moving wiper does not include: instead of running the air flow. Case in slâkotnyh traffic jams. But a long brush, the same as the front, suddenly straightens with precipitation. A few strokes--and almost all of the glass is clean. Salon "twelfth", retaining the rear passengers space "tens", has gained a significant advantage in front of her. The seat is folded in parts, at a ratio of 1: 2. Now you can easily fit inside a rake with a shovel or skiing-someone like that. Before such a stunt was only the wagon variant-"eleventh". Despite the postponed "circumcision"-Rear overhang "twelfth" shortened, luggage capacity is still happy. Four hundred gallons, though less than the sedan and station wagon, but more than the "nines". (A) for agricultural powerhouse is not last. And the loading height is small and handy. "Pantry" covered a vast fifth door. It is driven by gas stops, dutifully followed the hand is worth only a touch mark desire open-close. Well, what is the hatchback in the Office? Of course, the severity of the "eights-nines" no, Yes, and where did it take, after all, parents-modern "people". Machine pokladista and forgives minor blemishes in the Office. Do not need to frantically catch her on the road, searching for the true direction of the front wheels. It is not the innocuous "the fighting cockerel", so beloved by drivers, a vivacious and rather satiated and satisfied cat. Soft and tender, but only until he stepped on its tail. A quick look at the specifications. The shortened rear end made the car more docile-diminished moment of inertia. Its lighter than a "top ten", the shift from one rotation in the other tail-trunk not carrying the car from side to side and the initial phase of the maneuver, it will become more obedient. The car easier to "dokrutit′" the wheel and the gas, and a skid if and appears quite easy. Especially pleasant parking reverse. No hidden from the eyes of the boot and get used to gauge it goes-everything in sight. Familiar with bagažnikami-the Invisibles will appreciate it. And we can add that the 185 km/h is, of course, great, but 185 thousand. km without breakdowns would be preferable.
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