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39 animations from the game Assassin's Creed for GTA San Andreas

25 March 2013
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 39 анимаций из игры Assassin's Creed for GTA San Andreas
This mod required: CLEO 4 for GTA San Andreas
39 animations from the games Assassis Creed.
Among them: cross wall, press-up, front arms, charging, kicking, kicks flip.

1. Horizontal volran on right wall
2. Drop the front flip
3. drop the internal front
4. the fall leg of leg (= D)
5. the fall of Heiner
6. Arabian somersault 2 pieces (various)
7. Samersault rear Backward (model overbaha)
8. Press-up-6 times
(P.s: Sorry, but walking on your hands will be in BETA version sledueŝej).

1. replaced the dibil′naâ warm up ('; ') in Arabic (1).
2. the horizon is longer and a bit on the Mulsanne straight.
3. Horizontal volran 5 steps now!

List of animations and buttons:

Back flips with blow-' 1 '
Front somersault with blow-' 2 '
Martial To Kick-' 3 '
A CORK (aka twist) with blow-' 0 '
Rear CORK (aka twist) with blow-' 8 '

Acro tricks:
Front somersault (beautiful, but to do with places and with height)-' 7 '
Horizon-' 9 '
Segunfaj-' G '
Back flip-' B '
Front corner-'M '
Gainer with one leg-' N '
Gainer with two legs-' Y '
Fly Roll-' P '
Aerial Flip ', ' (comma)
Inner front-' U '
Overbah-' O'
Blanche-' L '
Wall Spin-' H '
Back without grupirovki-' K '
Lateral twist-' 5 '
Front with two feet from the wall-' 6 '
Superman (Superman)-' 4 '
Double Heller-' I '
Gainer 720-'-'
Back Flip 720-' = '
Gainer uncovered-'. '(dot)
Horizontal volran on left side-' Z '
Horizontal volran on right side-' Num2 '
The rear flip-drop '' (next to the Backspace)
Heiner-drop ' Backspace '
Drop leg about a leg-'] '
Falling domestic front-the '? '
Arabic version-1 '; '
The Arabic version of 2-' ['
Samersault with Backward flip-' Num1 '
Press-up-' Num3 '

The Rest:
Fajtingovaâ warm up:-' J '
Rear drop flip-'T '

+ + + + + + BONUS
And just as a bonus changed the death animation.
-1. Go to the pedu and shoot him up front with ' mp5 ' (preferably in potbelly shoot =)), see how he will die.
-2. Go to the strel′nite front and the pedu in his belly with a shotgun.(No head) a beautiful departure from animation shots. (will bounce sheet!)
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    hey how do you the kicking components!!!???

    do you know how do you do the kicking moves?
    14 September 2014 10:04

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