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PARKoUR for GTA San Andreas

15 April 2013
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 PARKoUR for GTA San Andreas
This mod required: CLEO 4 for GTA San Andreas

When it lands with a small height runs drop-in
X-roll is performed from any position
Z-roll back from any location

3-from catleap and sideflip
7-down monkey wall flip
8-buterfly twist
[-backflip on site
p-fly roll

page down key + 9-round off open back flip
page up + 9-round off double back flip
delete + 9-round off back flip 720
Insert + 9-round off blansh
9-round off flashkick

? + 1-back flip sideway
? + 2-front flip sideway
? + 3-dacascos
? + ' + 3-inward dacascos

page up and u-wallflip 360
n-1 steep rayden
sprint + = + n-two leg wall front

. + 1-back pike
. + 2-front pike
An animation made only with height!

' + 4-inward front flip
' + 3-inward side flip

; + 1-open back
; + 2-superman
; + 4-open-gainer

-+ 1-double back flip
-+ 2-double front flip
-+ 4-double geiner
-+ 6 double-cork

page up +1-backflip 360
page down-backflip 720 +1
page up-front flip 360 +2
page down-front flip 720 +2
page up-gainer +4 360
page down-geiner +4 720

Animation with the cat leap

angel drop-1
devil drop-2
leap side-3

From any height does not die even from outer space prygni
Runs as asasin jumps as asasin
On site press jump (maybe several times) and CJ will jump up high.
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Author(s) of this modification is (are) currently unknown. If you have any information about the authors of this modification, please let us know via the feedback form.
  • Absolman
    Absolman Offline
     Member 127
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    What move was that, that you did at 3:00 and how did you do it? what was the controls?
    6 June 2015 06:47
  • AlterBlitz
    AlterBlitz Offline
     Moderator Comments moderator 1228
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    Absolman, You have to be aware of this mod. It isn't allowed in most of the SA-MP servers. Contact me through PM only:
    -> If you have any Mod issues and game crashes.
    -> If you have new ideas about creating mods.
    -> If there are any moderation issues.
    6 June 2015 10:05
    reply to a comment Absolman
  • Absolman
    Absolman Offline
     Member 127
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    AlterBlitz, Yeah i know i got banned a few times, but i learned from my mistakes.
    16 June 2015 00:56
    reply to a comment AlterBlitz

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