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Build houses 2 for GTA San Andreas

10 April 2013
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Строим дома 2 for GTA San Andreas
This mod required: CLEO 4 for GTA San Andreas
This script allows you to anywhere to build a House of any size. Press " Home ", and select the type of list to build a House. After that press the 9 and 0, to reduce/enlarge House Num 8, Num 2, Num 4 and Num 6 to change the position of the House in space, Num + and Num-to raise/lower House Num 5 to rotate around the axis of the House. To remove not built home then Delete. When the position and size will be adjusted, press Num * to save your position. After that you can begin to build another House, and so on.
Posted: GM-robot Downloads: 15401 Comments: 7
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  • 65536
    65536 Offline
     Member 948
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    I would like if someone can improve this script. I like it (as it doesn't causes any crashes in my SA), but it have a few weaknesses:
    1. Rotating and moving buildings is very slow and moving building on bigger distance will takes a lots of your time. Can someone make spawned houses to move with same steps, but slightly faster?
    2. You can rotate spawned building before placing it only in counter-clockwise direction with said shortcut Num 5, but there is no shortcut key to rotate it in the opposite direction (clockwise direction).

    So, can someone to assign this CLEO mod controls to:
    reduce/enlarge House - Num 7 and Num 9 (instead 9 and 0);
    change the position of the House in space to remain unchanged - Num 8, Num 2, Num 4 and Num 6;
    to raise/lower House remain unchanged - Num + and Num -
    to rotate around the axis of the House - keep said Num 5 for rotating the building in counter-clockwise direction, but please add also rotating in clockwise direction, i. e. in the opposite direction with Num 3 please! And publish it here?

    I think with these this mod will be a lot improved (because Num 0 and Num 1 are used by the game's default controls). Thanks in advance! fly
    6 May 2014 14:18
  • 65536
    65536 Offline
     Member 948
    - 0 +
    Anyone? crying No one replied here...
    19 May 2014 20:57
  • wawilon
    wawilon Offline
     Administrator 15415
    - +4 +
    65536, sorry man. Perhaps the author of this mod ever visit this page and see your comment.
    23 May 2014 10:28
    reply to a comment 65536
  • 65536
    65536 Offline
     Member 948
    - 0 +
    OK. I hope @GM-robot (who uploaded this CLEO mod) to see my comment... I really wish spawned houses do not rotate only in one direction and do not move with that crawling speed... music
    23 May 2014 18:44
  • agieltriono
    agieltriono Offline
     Member 101
    - 0 +
    I understand now , here not only the uploader and author mod but more than one , really ? happy wonder
    20 August 2015 23:47
  • Intoy
    Intoy Offline
     Member 432
    - 0 +
    can you save here? code: `cpt_IN2Y
    2 November 2015 14:20
  • Hyouka
    Hyouka Offline
     Member 4
    - 0 +
    nice ♥
    29 March 2017 21:32

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