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Holes from bullets for GTA San Andreas

14 April 2013
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Дырки от пуль for GTA San Andreas
This mod required: ASI Loader for GTA San Andreas
Author`s e-mail:
Author`s site:
In GTA San Andreas there are many unrealistic moments, one of them started to pay attention to players since the release of GTA IV. In the game there are holes from bullets! Shoot a lot, and no holes. But all known skripteru managed to do what many have tried to do, and he was able to improve the quality of fashion.

This mod for GTA SA adds holes from bullets. View texture holes depends on the material in which a shot, which means that the hole could be on the glass and on the car, and on the wall, etc.

Warning! You need to install ASI Loader (if CLEO 4 library is not installed)
Posted: GM-robot Downloads: 92135 Comments: 17
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  • nh_lie
    nh_lie Offline
     Member 0
    - 0 +
    Where should I put these files at?
    4 May 2013 16:47
  • smalloff
    smalloff Offline
     Moderator Journalist Modmaker 25765
    - +1 +
    nh_lie, installation of automatic, run the program, select the path to the game and click Install Внимание! Разыскиваются модераторы для проекта, стучаться в личку. При себе иметь несколько публикаций на сайте, способность грамотно излагать мысли и желание помогать проекту.
    Обучение и помощь с нашей стороны гарантируется.
    4 May 2013 19:39
    reply to a comment nh_lie
  • nh_lie
    nh_lie Offline
     Member 0
    - 0 +
    smalloff, Thank you beer
    5 May 2013 09:52
    reply to a comment smalloff
  • paulinoSA
    paulinoSA Offline
     Member 0
    - 0 +
    nice cleo scripts plus
    6 October 2013 21:29
  • cyrilamedjkouh
    cyrilamedjkouh Offline
     Member 26
    - 0 +
    how to install??????? please
    10 March 2014 20:58
  • NTNLS6
    NTNLS6 Offline
     Member 47
    - 0 +
    Do this CLEO work for modded car ?
    11 March 2014 18:13
  • wawilon
    wawilon Offline
     Administrator 15410
    - +1 +
    NTNLS6, yes, works fine
    12 March 2014 10:24
    reply to a comment NTNLS6
  • wawilon
    wawilon Offline
     Administrator 15410
    - +1 +
    cyrilamedjkouh, Run installer and click "Install" button
    12 March 2014 10:25
    reply to a comment cyrilamedjkouh
  • patrick01
    patrick01 Offline
     Member 51
    - 0 +
    nice these cleo it is like a gta 4 nice nice punk

    fellow ___patzkie___
    29 May 2014 11:17
  • viet1998xxx
    viet1998xxx Offline
     Member 4
    - 0 +
    That's Awesome ! I don't have FPS mod . could you show me the FPS mod link ?
    9 June 2014 05:59
  • waleed123
    waleed123 Offline
     Member 12
    - 0 +
    yo krutoy amazing
    13 September 2014 20:13
  • aaaron
    aaaron Offline
     Member 100
    - +1 +
    For some reason this does not work for me.
    my Mod Loader does'nt want to load the .ini file.
    would have been nice too!
    21 March 2015 09:14
  • ExPro7
    ExPro7 Offline
     Member 3
    - 0 +
    Its work fine.. and i also want that mod he use in fps!
    17 October 2015 10:36
  • ExRey7z
    ExRey7z Offline
     Member 58
    - 0 +
    wawilon, Hey! what mod he use like sighting gun
    11 November 2015 04:06
    reply to a comment wawilon
  • sckay
    sckay Offline
     Member 15
    - 0 +
    Oh my god! Found a bug! When it rains, there are no bullet holes. Instead white patches cover the area where there should have been bullet holes!
    Someone please pass this message to ryosuke!!
    2 April 2016 05:09
    CROGGD Offline
     Member 16
    - 0 +
    This is a very cool mod! I like thos bullet holes, it make the game more realistic!
    6 November 2016 22:53
  • FelixMayer123
    FelixMayer123 Offline
     Member 29
    - +1 +
    cyrilamedjkouh, just open the exe and click yes and click install it automatic install self. once you done now open the game and enjoy
    7 December 2017 14:10
    reply to a comment cyrilamedjkouh

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