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Active dashboard 3.1 for GTA San Andreas

3 February 2014
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Активная приборная панель 3.1 for GTA San Andreas
This mod required: CLEO 4 for GTA San Andreas
Author`s site:
This MOU is intended to revive some of the components of a car that had been fixed.

Features fashion:
-revitalizes the gauges (speedometer, tachometer (now arrow moves more smoothly), gasoline);
-revitalizes the steering wheel;
-Working wipers;
-Working turn signals and back up (there are light sources, as well as the light falls on the adjacent machines and people)
including trailers;
-fully working universal joints (there is an option to sync with both front and rear wheels), with lively Sling
change the angle of the crossbar;
-brake caliper (rotate with the wheels, but, as expected, does not spin);
-running tie rods;
-fans in the engine (speed of rotation depends on the oborotv of the engine), you can create 2 fan. instead of a second
crankshaft pulley do fan for example;
-rotating mežsekcionnyj drive, as in "Ikaruse" with an accordion;
-rulâŝie rims in the back section of the "Ikarus";
-You can create ahead of another bridge with rulâŝimi wheels;
-You can create back podrulivaûŝuû axle, as on some buses, the angles are calculated based on the dimensions of the model;
-the ability to create a fully functioning hydraulic dump trucks, including trailers;
-steady turn wheels on cars of class "worker";
-the ability to customize the car speedometer, tachometer (sizing, pointer, maximum lift janitors and
the helm;
-transfer case (polnoprivodnikah);
-You can raise the truck cabin type "KAMAZ".

-fully functioning indices, oil pressure, engine temperature, odometer (kilometre who believes) and mechanical watches;
-deformiruûŝiesâ springs;
the worker class cars with diesel engine when starting the engine and high rpm puffing black;
-properly working trailers with swing frame;
-possibility to hook onto the trailer to any auto;
-creation of tractors, gnuŝihsâ to rotate in half.

-"J"-switch off the engine;
-"B"-Handbrake (clicked one time, and he kept boxed. pressing cleared);
-"P"-hook/unhook the trailer (the machine must be in touch with trailer);
-"Z"-left povortnik on/off;
-"X"-the hazard lights on/off;
-"C"-right pan/tilt on/off;
-"9"-reduced (on/off at a speed of less than 5 km/h);
-"0"-front-wheel drive;
-'-'-all-wheel drive;
-"="-rear-wheel drive;
"num8"-standing near the car lift cabin;
' num2 '-omit the cabin standing next to the car;
"num8"/"num2"-raise/lower body (behind the wheel to sit). You can do any car truck. If the tipper-dumper,
the use of hydraulics lift lower body num7/num1.

In fashion there is a plugin newOpcodes. cleo by DK22Pac, mod for gasoline from WinuX, adaptirovanyj to the plugin, as well as scripts Termometr.cs
and Odometr.cs by D.i.M.o.N.

I would like to thank DK22Pac and Den_spb for their help in developing and
The OIM, igor94, and Xakep_tm for ideas and test script.

Warning! Mod does not work with the script "First Person"(FirstPerson.cs), can be used instead - First-person camera in cars
Posted: GM-robot Downloads: 45998 Comments: 10
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  • patrick01
    patrick01 Offline
     Member 51
    - 0 +
    how to get a gasoline angry am

    nice both i dont known how to get gasoline

    please help me please

    stena ___patzkie___
    28 May 2014 13:54
  • FFyellowcard
    FFyellowcard Offline
     Member 18
    - 0 +
    Press N to refuel
    28 May 2014 15:02
  • RogerLee
    RogerLee Offline
     Member 1
    - 0 +
    How do i continue driving after i pressed "F"? The car just wont move.
    30 May 2014 08:31
  • Tsurugi
    Tsurugi Offline
     Member 68
    - 0 +
    I love this mod, but I'd really like to have a version without the gasoline mod. It was interesting at first, and works flawlessly. BUT... every vehicle I get into is almost out of gas. None have more than a quarter tank. It costs hundreds of dollars to fill the tank, and the gas drains away as long as CJ is in the car, even if the engine is off...even when sitting in the Tuning Shops. All I do now is look for gas stations, because I'm always almost out of gas.
    Plus, the planes, helicopters, and boats also have gas meters.....and how am I supposed to fill them up??
    So is there a way to remove that part of the mod?
    25 August 2014 17:58
  • CitroMan
    CitroMan Offline
     Member 473
    - 0 +
    Tsurugi, Yeah, just remove the gasoline .cs script from the CLEO folder. I did that and the game still works like a charm. Hope that I have helped. I make YouTube videos. :)
    26 August 2014 01:56
    reply to a comment Tsurugi
  • Tsurugi
    Tsurugi Offline
     Member 68
    - 0 +
    CitroMan, I thought I looked in the CLEO folder and didn't see anything obvious, but maybe I missed it. ("gasoline.cs" is pretty obvious, lol) I will re-install the AD mod and look again. Thanks!
    26 August 2014 03:23
    reply to a comment CitroMan
  • Tsurugi
    Tsurugi Offline
     Member 68
    - 0 +
    CitroMan, Okay, I re-installed the mod, didn't see gasoline.cs in the CLEO folder. Then I realized I'm actually using v3.2.1, not v3.1 which is the version on this page. So I uninstalled v3.2.1, downloaded v3.1 and installed it....still no gasoline.cs. recourse
    26 August 2014 06:43
    reply to a comment CitroMan
  • mahmoudtaherelsnose
     Member 0
    - 0 +
    good bigsmile
    27 September 2014 11:15
  • ceasarr70
    ceasarr70 Offline
     Member 8
    - +1 +
    game crash when i get into car
    30 December 2014 17:47
  • xMeeeMx
    xMeeeMx Offline
     Member 3
    - 0 +
    Game crashing when loading a game and starting new game.
    25 May 2017 12:19

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