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Deagle + 100 rounds for GTA San Andreas

31 July 2014
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Дигл + 100 патронов for GTA San Andreas
This mod required: CLEO 4 for GTA San Andreas
When pressing ctrl + j, Cj gets deagle + 100 Chuck, works in the sump without Kika. Swinging skills.
Posted: pavel22227 Downloads: 1842 Comments: 4
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  • 65536
    65536 Offline
     Member 948
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    Not working for me... I've started the game (GTA SA 1.0 Hoodlum exe) after installing this CLEO and when CJ load on map, I pressed said key shortcut Ctrl + J to get a Desert Eagle, but guess - no effect at all... I've pressed again and again Ctrl + J over 10 more times and... STILL NOTHING!!! sad Probably this script doesn't work at all (I'm using CLEO 4.3) or author made a mistake and the shortcut for activation the mod in description is wrong... crying
    2 August 2014 23:54
  • Absolman
    Absolman Offline
     Member 127
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    65536, same over here doesn't work.....
    10 September 2014 01:54
    reply to a comment 65536
  • 65536
    65536 Offline
     Member 948
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    Absolman, It might be best then administrators to just remove this CLEO mod - it's not working at all and won't activate with said shortcut in any way, so this CLEO is just useless... no
    10 September 2014 19:39
    reply to a comment Absolman
  • GM-robot
    GM-robot Offline
     Moderator Journalist 17513
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    65536, Works for me!

    This mod required: CLEO 4 for GTA San Andreas rules2 I’ll be back...
    11 September 2014 10:06
    reply to a comment 65536

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