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Panel animations for CJ for GTA San Andreas

13 October 2017
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 Панель анимаций для CJ for GTA San Andreas
This mod required: CLEO 4 for GTA San Andreas
Author:  AuRoN
Moderators: crow, lk_1997_kl
Describes how to control: Num 3-open list. "Left Right" \ "-Flipping. "Sprint"-Select. "Login \ exit-close the menu. A menu in the form of icons. 1. setting the time: Select time and day. "Left Right" \ "-flipping between PM (12 to 24) and AM (from 24 to 12). Selection: "Scrolling arms forward"-Twist clockwise. "Scrolling arms back-Twist counterclockwise" Sprint "-select. 2. Select the weather (20 species): San Fierro -5 (SF), Los Santos -5 (LS), Las Venturas -3 (LV), Countryside and Desert-(CD) "Left \ right"-Flipping. "Scroll forward" weapons-Twist clockwise "Scrolling arms back-Twist counterclockwise" Sprint "-select. 3. Select the maximum level of crime and wanted to do so. "Left Right" \ "-Flipping. "Sprint"-Select. 4. CJ Menu: after selecting one of the five items of the main menu closes. "Left Right" \ "-Flipping. "Sprint"-Select. 1) Smoke: after selecting the top left icon will appear with a cigarette. "Sight"-Smoke. "Login \ exit"-CJ throws a cigarette. If you walk up to the car and then turn back (or press 1 time ago), CJ oblokotitsja on a machine and the machine should this stand. "Movement"-To depart if 2 seconds does not depart, CJ lean again. 2) Urinate 2 species: after first clicking on the second CJ will urinate in other ways, and after the second one first. "Sight"-Poo. "Login \ exit"-at the time of writing-finish. "Login \ exit-free walking-exit. 3) drink: hangover indicator appears. Up to half of the CJ simply drinks, after the half, CJ-I will shatat if he will stand. When the indicator will CJ'ja fill shatat stronger and change gait. If full indicator still drink, C.J. then he will fall and will sleep until prospitsja. After half of the indicator CJ-th is no longer in a sober State if not cross the border of the indicator, that is. eat before you go to sleep, fall of CJ click on "login \ exit"-CJ drink antipohmelin. 4) Teleport: before using, you need to put a marker on the map where you wish to teleport. "Sprint"-CJ opens a portal near you. To teleport, need to stand up to the middle of the portal. You can teleport as on one side and the other. After the move, you need to move away from the portal and approach him again. "Login \ exit-exit and closing portals. 5) bomb: CJ laying a bomb near itself. It just has to take a long, roughly, 3 passenger cars. "Sprint"-Put a bomb. "Fire"-To blow up, get away, if you do not want to commit suicide. "Login \ exit-exit pledge bombs. If you put a bomb, not necessarily her blow up, you can click on the exit, but the bomb remains lie. 5. Menu to relax: once selected, on the right you see all possible actions. "Scrolling arms forward"-Move up. "Scrolling arms back-Move down. "Sprint"-Select. 1) Sit on the beach or wherever. "Sprint"-3 different actions will be repeated after pressing. (Puts his hand on his head, wiped off, scratching eggs) 2) lie on the beach or anywhere the way 2. "Sprint"-switching between the two views. 3) Stand as a drug dealer. "Sprint"-2 different actions will be repeated after pressing. 4) fall and no one you will not have to pay attention, even cops. "Sprint"-4 species, but after the fourth will be combined between the fifth and sixth 5) Crouch. In order to get out of any situation, only need to press the "movement" (forward backward)
Posted: Krasev-a Downloads: 666 Comments: 1
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