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How to make a jacket without bugs on the hands and neck

27 April 2017
Many put a texture in the photo editor. importing a texture of clothing through the Txd. Workshop, but don't always get the desired result.
Как сделать куртку, без багов на руках и шее
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How to add its mission on the site

20 April 2017
Beginners site, and sometimes even experienced users often raises this question: "How do I add a mission at the site"?
In this article I will discuss how to still do it.
Как добавить свою миссию на сайт
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Bugs, glitches and shortcomings in DYOM 8.1

21 March 2017
Баги, глюки и недоработки в DYOM 8.1

I think anyone who has ever worked in the programme DYOM 8.1 knows about many problems, bugs and prikolah this program. In this article, I will try to tell about all the familiar problems to me program to you when creating missions experienced fewer problems.
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How to create good DYOM mission. Part 7: colored text

6 December 2016
Continuing study Design Your Own Mission, I'll teach you how to change the color of the text. There is nothing complicated here. Let's go!
Как создать хорошую DYOM миссию. Часть 7: Цветной текст
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Lesson adaptations machine to AMS # 7: sloths

19 November 2016
Continuation of my great instructions, this time you will be able to make a working axis sloths on trucks and trailers
Урок адаптации машины к АПП №7: ленивцы

Урок адаптации машины к АПП №7: ленивцы
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Lesson adaptations machine to APT # 3: renewal of the shooter devices

1 November 2016
Continuation lessons for adaptation to the active Dashboard. This time you will learn to do work arrows of devices
Урок адаптации машины к АПП №3: оживление стрелок приборов

Урок адаптации машины к АПП №3: оживление стрелок приборов
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Lesson adaptations machine to APT # 1: steering wheel

18 October 2016
This article is made specially for those who love the realism and their modification of Ile just those. who wants to keep themselves samosoveršenstvovat′. After this article you will learn how to do absolutely any machine work. I all painted so that any maker will understand (enclosed screenshots).
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How to add to the site, the skin in the form of auto

11 April 2014
Как добавить на сайт скин в виде автоустановки

Step by step instructions how to add the mod on the site and collect the autoinstaller, for example skin.
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Write your first CLEO script

10 May 2013
Пишем свой первый CLEO скрипт

This article is intended for those who want to master the programming under the library in GTA San Andreas CLEO and don\'t know where to start ...
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