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Lesson adaptations machine to APT # 1: steering wheel for GTA San Andreas

18 October 2016
So let's start with the first training!
To begin, download your mod. Place the dff and txd files in a separate folder. Open the file èsportnite and txd all textures in BMP format in the same folder, where lies the dff file model. Open ZModeler (I use version v. 2.2.3 Build 971) and let your file. So begin: first look in detail, which TU hierarchy is responsible for steering wheel. It can be named anything you like. If the steering wheel is connected to the cabin or some other object, it must be detached as a separate item. I have this item called rul. Right-click click on this detail with the wheel-> hierarchy-> detach. Now click on the krasnen′kij cube (see a screenshot of what it looks like)
Click on the model, select-> selection-> isolated and underline only the steering wheel, not capturing anything other! (see screenshot)
. Next-> modification-> geometry-> disconnect (click on the square to the right and place a tick on the "new object" and "drag and drop") at the bottom to activate "vydelenogo mode". Disconnect the wheel look at ATTENTION!, so that there are no residues of rudder on details from which we disconnect and so was not on the details of that disconnect, steering parts! (see screenshot)
. My pereimenovyvaem rul on steeringok. Create or copy any other dummy. I chose the dummy engine. Unplug-> create-> copy and call steering_dummy (see screenshot)
then created dummy paste (drag) the mouse wheel in itself is a dummy. Do not forget to dummy engine throw back where it was. Next, go into Display-> Local axis-> Center and click on the steering wheel. Now you need to tilt the axis on the handlebars, to do this go to modify-Rotate and collapsed > list leave a tick spin only local axis, then rotate the axis so that the Y axis was tilted like the steering wheel (see screenshot)
. Oh, and tailor dummy under the steering wheel, to do this go to the Display-> local axis-> copy and click first on the steering wheel, and then on the dummy, then about "local" reveals the hidden list and select offset the center axis. Then žamaem again at the helm and on dummy (see screenshots)
. Move-> modification-> steering_dummy dummy arrows move smoothly under steeringok (see screenshots)
. As I said, I repeat, steeringok insert into steering_dummy (see screenshot)
and suem back into the model. In fact, everything except one BUT: dummy steering_dummy NECESSARILY must be placed immediately after the dummy windscreen_dummy, if there isn't, copy from any dummy and call. All wheel ready! Èksportnite your model and enjoy! The truth is you will not come out for the first time perhaps, the wheel will or act or be drunk) do not get discouraged and remember, everything is in your hands.
PS If you have any questions, please contact Vovan244.
Support me dens if you was helpful this tutorial!
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