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Bugs, glitches and shortcomings in DYOM 8.1 for GTA San Andreas

21 March 2017
1. Certainly, the most common trouble programs-vanishing radar in interiors. This is due to the fact that the creators of the missions put the main character directly into the Interior.
Баги, глюки и недоработки в DYOM 8.1

Solution: put the protagonist at first in the street, and then Teleport into the Interior or, if you have already encountered when passing this problem, install the program Radar Fix DYOM .
2. Many complain that they have crashes/does not start DYOM. The reason is that the program is not sharpened under all versions of the game. Decision as such is that sorting through all the versions of the game and put on a clean game.
3. It happens that you enter into the Interior of one city, and exit is elsewhere.
Баги, глюки и недоработки в DYOM 8.1

Баги, глюки и недоработки в DYOM 8.1

This is due to the fact that in several places the same interiors and occurs here is such a small glitch.
4. If you need to zaspavnit' a few characters, you can do this 2 ways: "spawn actors" and "hide actors". Although the idea of "hide actors ' hides.
Баги, глюки и недоработки в DYOM 8.1

Баги, глюки и недоработки в DYOM 8.1

But transport, such arms and pick ups chip does not work.
5. Many people know how to make a multicolored text. But if instead you enter shortcut letters as horrible, the text will appear different geometric objects.
Баги, глюки и недоработки в DYOM 8.1

Баги, глюки и недоработки в DYOM 8.1

6. There is a very good bug with chekpointami. After inserting 15-20 goals, choke-points begin to disappear and they should be set at random. Or alternatively, you can move the camera at the checkpoint and he reappears.
7. If you choose a character, or interior, with quick flicking the list could fly out game.
8. When typing text, clicking on the "yo", "~", the game will crash too.
9. When playing storilajna, even if you did everything correctly, the mission can begin to play by themselves.
10. Music inserted in mission, sometimes may not play.
11. Rarely, but aptly happens departure, if you sat down in transport (target), and the next goal-checkpoint, when "touch" it can happen.
12. Even less happens bug with the characters (I was not). When setting them, they can be both yoga and when playing mission and respavne such actors can also fly game.
13. When installing route character he can zabagat'sja continue not to go or go in a different direction even if you specified the exact route.
14. If you and character, which is the function "must survive" are in the Interior and then you go out into the street or teleportiruetes', but leave the character in the Interior, then after a while you can fail the mission because for some strange reason, the character dies. So don't forget to remove it before going outdoors.
This is not a complete list of fixes and gags, only the most popular and ones that I remembered.
IT is IMPORTANT! Not all of these bugs work in your game, it is likely that such cases are rare.
If you know of any other glitches, write in the comments.
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