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Real Settings v 3.0 ENB MAY The End version for GTA San Andreas

11 March 2013
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 Real ENB Settings v3.0 The End version for GTA San Andreas
Author:  OverDen
Author`s e-mail:
Best realistic latter ENBseries settings the final version.
For high-end laptops.
Checked everything works without missions on any version of GTA SA (1.0 and 1.1).
Version 0.074 ENB.dll f.

What's new in v 3.0?! : If you compare with the previous version of the Real Settings and ENB MAY v 2.0 Final, 3.0 changes much more parameters edited and some reworked from scratch, so now really is the difference from past versions, and I can safely say that v 3.0 is actually realistic.

FIX: problems with excessive brightness, adjusted the water parameters, reflection, motion blur, bloom effects and trivia are modified to mind.
Posted: GM-robot Downloads: 5433 Comments: 4
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  • akash_raja66
    akash_raja66 Offline
     Member 0
    - 0 +
    when hit any button or move camera it blurs.!
    24 June 2013 13:08
  • wawilon
    wawilon Offline
     Administrator 15415
    - +2 +
    akash_raja66, All ENB work differently. This, too, sometimes. Try to put the other ENB.
    25 June 2013 09:26
    reply to a comment akash_raja66
  • EmilAze
    EmilAze Offline
     Member 26
    - 0 +
    Not working for me
    4 December 2017 17:44
  • tima2014
    tima2014 Offline
     Moderator Journalist 2490 17-st place
    - -1 +
    EmilAze, Install US exe., mod is working. Україна - рідна мати, не вкрадеш не будеш мати.
    4 December 2017 17:59
    reply to a comment EmilAze

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