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High-speed line for GTA San Andreas

12 March 2013
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 High-speed line for GTA San Andreas
Author:  Pavlov_Pavel
Author`s e-mail:
Entry to the track is near the first conservation CJ-I, LOS SANTOSe and not only
the entry is on the old airfield.
Posted: GM-robot Downloads: 5101 Comments: 4
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  • 65536
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    This mod have an error... crying I installed it with the autoinstaller, then I started my San Andreas. Loading screen passed succesfully (without crash) and I got CJ on starting point in Los Santos... and I saw the highway and ramp to reach it. I've went to view this highway, but when CJ got more closer to the highway itself, guess what happened... My San Andreas froze and harddrive on my computer went crazy. San Andreas stayed unresponsive a few seconds, then it simply shuts down WITHOUT warning! I uninstalled that "High-speed line for GTA San Andreas" and when I launched San Andreas again (without this mod) it didn't crashed with any forced closing with no reason...

    I think this mod:
    1. Has a virus inside since when San Andreas was crashed with this mod, there was NO any error displayed on screen (like "typical gta_sa.exe has stopped working" typical message) or any warnings;
    2. Mod's files are either has an errors or causes massive overloading making the game to simply closes when I went close to the place where the highway was located (since harddrive went crazy before the game shutdown and simply kicked me back to the desktop)... stena
    6 May 2014 02:33
  • smalloff
    smalloff Offline
     Moderator Journalist Modmaker 25846
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    65536, Requires the original game. Maybe conflicts with other mods. Внимание! Разыскиваются модераторы для проекта, стучаться в личку. При себе иметь несколько публикаций на сайте, способность грамотно излагать мысли и желание помогать проекту.
    Обучение и помощь с нашей стороны гарантируется.
    6 May 2014 10:14
    reply to a comment 65536
  • 65536
    65536 Offline
     Member 948
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    I have original SA map, not any custom maps... My game has mostly only CLEO scripts, a very few small building mods, and a free items. I doesn't play any custom map, though... Is this mod worked for you without crash? My game crashed after short time after CJ appered at his starting point at Jefferson, Los Santos and I got close to the highway in midair... suicide
    6 May 2014 12:37
  • aaaron
    aaaron Offline
     Member 102
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    Cleo scripts can be poorly need to do a complete re- install. if you need scripts, make sure that it isn't a re-post.make sure that the poster IS the creator,so they can account for their work. most posters have NO clue how to help you.
    10 April 2015 09:12

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