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by Mishan s0beit for SA: MP 0.3.7 R1 for GTA San Andreas

6 May 2015
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 s0beit by Mishan for SA:MP 0.3.7 R1 for GTA San Andreas
Author:  Mishan
-update to 0.3.7
-/spectate-shadowing on the player. [if the player will render the surveillance zone will continue]
-/Nick-change Nick.
-/scar-spavn Kara.
-/warp-TP to the player.
-/shp-installation of certain health conditions.
-/sendpic-raise the pickup.
-/hdialog-collapse dialog.
-/shot-the player's shot fake.
-/fpay-transfer of money from a distance.
-/stazer-tazer from a distance.
-/fcuff-cuff at a distance.
-/gcheck-TP at the checkpoint.
-/fcheck-take a checkpoint.
-/flood-set text for fluderov
-/vcolor-color car.
-/paintjob-painting work.
-/fpick-rent a pickup truck from a distance.
-/ghere-teleport a player to yourself.
-/vehadd-creating machine.
-/ghp-installation of CPS.
-/svhp-installation of HP car.
-/ccw-teleport machines.
-/ucw-teleport machines.
/fake-stat-fake statistics.
-/parsenicks-sparsit′ Niki.
-/coordcw-teleport machines by coordinates
-/takecar-select car player
-/stcar-auto theft
-ID-master. [with items on the menu]
-changed animation of the flight. [as in sobejte esc]
-Teleport when you removed the tag. [TP only after clicking the RMB)
-PI * darvanka. [the samp-rp does not work]
-spavn cars.
parser members.
-change Nick.
-anti-AFK for advance-rp.
-Admin checker. [both in the text and in the hud'e]
-Search licki.
-take the materials for they to the lsa. [bespalevnyj]
-search for pickup.
show ping and Nick sobejta for the score.
-damager. [by imaddy]
-/cuff,/tazer,/pay in the distance.
the invisible man. [invisible]
-bleeding the Scylla.
-checker's friends.
-cargun. [shooting machines] [shooting menu activate ctrl + LMB]
-Teleport a player to itself.
-creation of their Visual world with machines.
-fake statistics. [setting in the ini]
-checkpoint-master. [settings taken from coordmaster'a]
-boat-mushroom Hunter.
BOT-slivŝik kits.
Posted: pepsi1 Downloads: 165583 Comments: 4
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  • Jorey
    Jorey Offline
     Member 29
    - 0 +
    Can u make me a english version ??
    26 July 2016 14:35
  • Detsuagram
    Detsuagram Offline
     Member 372
    - 0 +
    I want english version
    28 July 2016 08:42
  • Matas525
    Matas525 Offline
     Member 1
    - 0 +
    English working version here:
    27 September 2016 14:44
  • ChocolateModder
    ChocolateModder Offline
     Member 17
    - 0 +
    Its cool It Works i LOVE IT .

    Just make an English VERSION PLZ It would mean alot TNX .. inlove
    17 June 2018 01:41

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