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Slono Smiths Project for GTA San Andreas

14 July 2015
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Slono Boyko Project for GTA San Andreas
Author:  FYP, slonoboyko
Author`s site:
Update from 08.07.2015
Cheat s0beit for GTA San Andreas and SA-MP 0.3.7
With this shit you invincible player
or get more power over other players
For example, you got into a firefight, all of your merged BT naturally and you but not here it was: you turn into sobejte GM and will! You besmertny,
You say: "HA!" why do you need it, if it's all there in the CLEO!
Yes, that's why, after all, imagine that you will have to find more than 500 Cleo scripts to replace sobejt!

Download and play:))))

Fixed rendering nicknames range
Fixed bug with impressive load, ajrbrejke
Kurdmaster now smoother teleports
Now teams will appear in the SAMP dialogue rather than chatting
Autologin can now enter the PIN code in advanse
Checker Admins and friends, now in separate files
Almost all Pofikšeny kraši
Now you can configure Auto wake-up dogs.

To see the available commands, type:/shelp

P.s. If you have sobejt, you will crash the window update when logging into the game. You should only click "Yes"

Key-F12 s0beit enable/disable.
-Key F11 opens the menu s0beita.
+0 the shift key makes the restart server. (Time settings can be done in
-Insert key includes GM (immortality, God mode)
The "Home" key Teleports you to the nearest transport.
The "Delete" key expands your transportation, useful when you flip over the machine.
Key-"End" Teleports you to transport passenger seat.
The "/" key puts a savepoint.
The "*" key Teleports you to a point
Key-"6" includes the ability to pass through certain objects. (Numpad-right.)
Key "shift Right" includes airbreak. Control arrows to the right: up arrow, down arrow raises puts you, the movement "A" "W" "D". The Office-"J" allows you to rotate from right to left. "L" for left-to-right spin. "I"-spin up. "K"-spin back. ' U '-turn left. "O"-turn to the right.
Key-">" includes a flight mode.
Key-"left Alt" accelerates you in the car.
-Key "\" defrosts you. (Useful on RP servers when you handcuffed.)
The "B" key throws you into the air-jump.
The "F2" key Two pressing F2 and start flashing lights, 3 pressing F2 and start furiously blinking lights.
-Key "5", "Spider" includes the ability to drive on walls, ceilings. I advise you to check on motorcycles. (Numpad-right.)
Key-"Backspace" quick reversal machine.
The "F3" key a quick death. Very useful when using the "F3" key and "+ shift +0" after death is done restart and we recovered. Same with death if you have weapons do restart, retained weapons. So if you are in the car it lights up and the machine bus prokalyvaûtsâ.
Key-"F5" to activate the weapon. Weapons take in "F11".
Key-Shift +7 "moves you to respawn.
Key-"N" eject you quickly from transport.
Key-"Z"-avtopricel (aimbot).
Key-"M"-includes an additional card, on which you can see the next players.
Key-"X"-(if you have enabled additional map) shows the cars on the map.
Key-Shift (left) +8 "-shows a list of players looking for other players.
Key-Shift (left) +9 "-show additional information about all players on the server.
Key-Shift (left) + G "-display Nicky igrokovShift (left) + G-display the nicknames of the players.
Key-Shift (left) + H "-display the names of the machines.
Key-"mouse wheel" TP for short distances by using the arrow keys.
Key-"4"-the player has enlisted, control arrows.
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