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Skybox Ultra Realistic v3.0 2016 for GTA San Andreas

27 September 2016
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Skybox Ultra Realistic V3.0 2016 for GTA San Andreas
Moderators: Vovan244, lk_1997_kl
MOD replaces the sky adds realistic beautiful white clouds in the sky. Change the file timecyc.dat.
Posted: crow Downloads: 29330 Comments: 7
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  • ploo
    ploo Offline
     Member 339
    - 0 +
    Crash with SAMP Add-on when a car is blowing up. Fix it
    11 October 2016 17:30
  • ploo
    ploo Offline
     Member 339
    - 0 +
    Crashing when I die. What mod to use?
    13 October 2016 01:11
  • AlterBlitz
    AlterBlitz Offline
     Moderator Comments moderator 1246
    - 0 +
    ploo, Timecyc won't make your game crash. It must be your other mods that is making your game crash. Contact me through PM only:
    -> If you have any Mod issues and game crashes.
    -> If you have new ideas about creating mods.
    -> If there are any moderation issues.
    13 October 2016 08:26
    reply to a comment ploo
  • ploo
    ploo Offline
     Member 339
    - 0 +
    AlterBlitz, Thx for your answer, but only with this mod I'm crashing when I die.
    I have modloader and cleo 4, and no other mods. When I die my game crash instantly, you can test it. Try to kill yourself many times, you will get crash.

    I think is a problem from SightDistance_by_0x688.cleo, maybe I need other mod like this
    13 October 2016 15:28
    reply to a comment AlterBlitz
  • The_otku
    The_otku Offline
     Member 34
    - +1 +
    ploo, Same problem here, try to use Realistic Skybox HD 2015
    i'm playing with 2015 Skybox with hundred another mods, and no crash happened smile
    13 October 2016 17:32
    reply to a comment ploo
  • ploo
    ploo Offline
     Member 339
    - 0 +
    The_otku, Thank's, I will try it, but this Skybox is perfect :(
    13 October 2016 17:47
    reply to a comment The_otku
  • Duro
    Duro Offline
     Member 14
    - 0 +
    Hey there, whenever I play samp, my game shuts itself down because of the Skybox. Could this be fixed and updated because its the best skybox there is.
    12 January 2018 14:58

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