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Hitman for GTA San Andreas

20 July 2017
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 Hitman for GTA San Andreas
Famous Hitman Agent 47 arrives in San Andreas, to run multiple contracts. He still does not know that the Agency for which he works, there was a traitor who prepares him a trap. Features fashion. Mission in the style of the famous game series Hitman. You have a choice-take place discreetly mission, killing the only purpose or arrange an epic gunfight. You can kill in different ways-approach them closely and cut throat, shoot a sniper rifle, put the bomb in the car and other options. Stealth mode is significantly different from what you might have seen before in other modes. This is not the case, when all the enemies are arranged back to you helpfully, and anyone even in the head will not come to turn. NPC behavior here is well developed. The guards don't touch you until you call the suspicion, but if they notice you on the restricted territory or see you in arms, they begin to attack. If the guards heard the sound of gunfire or discover the corpse, they nastorozhatsja, and then you better not to attract attention. If the citizen finds corpse or see you with weapons, it will run tell the nearest security guard. If you do not have time to stop it, rises the anxiety. Upon completion of the job shows statistics on which you will be assigned a particular status. If you've done the job perfectly-killed only not caused noise and no body has been found, you will receive the status of "Silent Killer". For him-plus bonus to 50000 fee. If the same were unnecessary victim or elevated anxiety, you will be assigned to other statuses. For each unnecessary murder will have to pay a fine of $5000. If the civilian was killed, then still minus 5000. However, if the victim was killed by a gunshot to the head, then you will get 5000 bonus that compensates for the fine. If you are dissatisfied with the result, you can run the job again. The money will come in handy in order to buy weapons before each job. The weapons worth quite expensive but if you successfully perform tasks, you will have no shortage of money. If after the job remained alive witnesses, it will affect your visibility. Low rate of recognition of virtually no effect, but the higher the quality, the greater the likelihood that the guards and ordinary citizens will reveal your identity when you get into their field of view. To reduce the percentage of recognition after the job you can bribe the police and witnesses, as well as new documents. New possibilities: lay the bomb-hold B (also in a car). Bomb need to buy before you start the job. Descend on a rope-walk up to the edge and hold R. Push a person with Cliff-come close and press "Sight" + "Sprint". When you do this, you have no weapons. Throw a knife or Katana-press "Sight" + "Sprint" when the weapon in your hands. You can buy a knife before setting, and to find the Katana is already carrying out the job. To save the game, go to the couch. To select the setting, go to your computer. Possible bugs: it happens so that you shoot in the head (PEDA), he dies, but the head remains in place. In this case the game does not count towards the head shot, and it would not be in the final statistics. Note: text in fashion is written for rusifikatora SanLTD.
Posted: dim1988 Downloads: 1163 Comments: 1
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