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Project "X" . 3.0: Reborn (For low PC) for GTA San Andreas

9 July 2018
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 Project "X" ENBSeries 3.0: Reborn (Для Слабых ПК) for GTA San Andreas
The project originates at the end of 2016. The main feature distinguishing it from other graphic mods, was more pale, gray color palette, which, by the way, looked very nice and, in my opinion, a good fit in the atmosphere of the game. There were made 2 versions of this mod, and both were created in the form of specialized settings to create beautiful screenshots. In particular, landscapes and cars. I think that it is not necessary to explain the reason why many users these settings are bypassed. But despite all this, both versions were very warmly received by users of the site.
So, after almost 2 years, I released another version, but this, unlike the former, fully adapted for comfortable play on any computer, including its online component — SA:MP. I hope you will appreciate it.
However, in any case, I wish you a pleasant game!

Requirements and notes:
* This mod requires the CLEO library 4.3.20 or higher (it is recommended to install the latest version of CLEO 4.3.22).
* A brightness setting you need to return to the default values.
* This mod requires an ASI-plugin "SilentPatch" (in the configuration enclosing SilentPatch v1.1 Build 29. It is recommended to update it. The author of this plug-in: Silent).
* It is recommended to install the mod on the game version gta_sa.exe 1.0 us.

* Efficiently customized, realistic reflections of cars and other vehicles (except armored vehicles).
* Beautiful, cold, finely tuned Timecyc file.dat (the file that is responsible for the lighting and the color of the sky in the game). Unfortunately, SA:MP, because of its specificity, will be standard on the sky.
* Beautiful, a little pale palette.
* Beautiful, very high quality the sun (works in SA:MP). Author: TomGT234's.
* Added the shadow from the PS2 version of the game, so the performance has increased significantly. Author: The Hero.
* Added fix "black bars" at low graphics settings. Author: DK22Pac.
* Added Shader water. But, unfortunately, in connection with heavy FPS drops, it has no color depth, i.e. it is transparent. However, despite this, it looks great.
* Added ASI script, which increases the drawing of small objects. Author: unknown.
* Added a CLEO script that increase the drawing cars and NPC. Author: Sergey81.
* Added a CLEO script that removes the effects of the heat. Author: NickITOS.
* Added ASI plugin "SAMP Graphic Restore". Authors: Absolute Team Play.
* Fully working in SA:MP.
* Complete work on weak PC.

— Attention! When publishing on external websites to my name, all the links I have given, as well as the authors of all the extra mods included in this in the ENBSeries!
Posted: Makar_SmW86 Downloads: 3601 Comments: 2
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  • Alondro
    Alondro Offline
     Member 18
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    my gta does not start after installing it, any solution? suicide
    12 July 2018 06:03
  • Mathematic
    Mathematic Offline
     Member 17
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    Alondro, Well my dude u have to uninstall it
    ur pc low end
    13 July 2018 13:55
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