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Crazy Trainer +350 v2.41 (SA-MP) for GTA San Andreas

26 February 2013
Crazy Trainer +350 v2.41 (SA-MP)

At the moment it is the best Trainer for GTA San Andreas .
This trainer is an improved version of the old Crazy Trainer +151 v2.0, which is also available on our website.
Trainer now has at its disposal 151 not an option, and as many as 350! It seems that this trainer knows absolutely everything that could be useful in the game!
Trainer is compatible with both patch the game GTA SA (1.0 and 1.01)
Many options work in SA-MP v0.2.2.

Using this Trainer can make a screenshot of the game.
Trainer allows you to teleport to be movable in the interior (room).
It also integrates a convenient editor with the ability to salvage the wheels, nitro, hydraulics, stereo, \"Extra\" and save / load garages in the file.
Trainer allows you to edit stats, and manage custom playlist tracks.
This trainer has English and Russian interface.

Crazy Trainer +350 v2.41 (SA-MP)

Crazy Trainer +350 v2.41 (SA-MP)

Crazy Trainer +350 v2.41 (SA-MP)

Posted: wawilon Downloads: 38484 Comments: 10
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  • GMGParkour
    GMGParkour Offline
     Member 0
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    Link don't work....
    26 February 2013 16:46
  • alfushe4ka
    alfushe4ka Offline
     Member 8
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    GMGParkour, Something`s wrong with the site engine. It`ll work perfectly in a few hours.
    28 February 2013 19:27
    reply to a comment GMGParkour
  • polyn0m
    polyn0m Offline
     Member 409
    - +1 +
    alfushe4ka, It's was fixed today.
    1 March 2013 00:44
    reply to a comment alfushe4ka
  • arijitsen
    arijitsen Offline
     Member 0
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    There is no download link..:P
    13 April 2013 14:58
  • wawilon
    wawilon Offline
     Administrator 15386
    - +1 +
    arijitsen, sorry. Fixed.
    14 April 2013 17:17
    reply to a comment arijitsen
  • NorthwindJME
    NorthwindJME Offline
     Member 29
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    I don't think this trainer likes my computer. When I run the program I received a message saying it was unable to write. It then spammed the message window and I could not close it without having to restart my computer. I am using Windows 7, I have used (successfully) the older +113 trainer without any issues.
    23 June 2013 20:31
  • SpydorKat
    SpydorKat Offline
     Member 1
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    NorthwindJME, Hey NorthwindJME,
    The Trainer Somewhat Works, but with My 101-Key Wireless Keyboard some of The Key Bindings don't seem to Register Right. The 1st thing you should do it goto the EXE file in the Main Dir. and Right Click "gta_sa.exe" goto properties and in the Compatibility Tab, Select Win98/ME and then Check the "Run as Admin". This Helped me out a Lot! I First Deselected All and Only Selected Out The Stuff That I will Use in Game. I Hope this was Helpful :)
    16 September 2013 01:02
    reply to a comment NorthwindJME
  • Adam545454
    Adam545454 Offline
     Member 10
    - 0 +
    24 July 2015 21:55
  • enghilloaclan13
    enghilloaclan13 Offline
     Member 19
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    this is work properly
    26 October 2015 11:10
  • Ichiro
    Ichiro Offline
     Member 27
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    Is this for sa-mp only?
    15 April 2017 04:45

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