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AVPGameProtect User Build 1.04 for GTA San Andreas

17 August 2016
AVPGameProtect User Build 1.0

AVPGameProtect User Build 1.0

The first scanner, which appeared in the days when the first asi Stiller was developed. The very next day after the appearance of Stiller I undertook to write his antistiller.
Since then and to this day the scanner copes with detection of malicious code in game versions. Until now it was only in the private domain. We publish this program in some abbreviated form, and it is quite different from its full prototype. But even this fact does not make it less powerful and user-friendly.
So please welcome!

- Pretty much Stiller base, which is replenished approximately 2014. We have not been collected a small part of malicious mods with several large and not very sites.
- Ability to scan files and folders by dragging in the window.
- Displays a summary of the malicious program (type developer nickname and older versions of databases distributors nicknames)
- Scan asi, dll, cleo, sf, cs and other potentially dangerous files.
- Detecting malicious code in files with changed extension, for example not so long ago was the fashion to rename Stiller in the txd files and load them into the game by means of the loader.
- Unpacking crypted CLEO scripts and subsequent scanning (it should be noted that the only known dekriptit kripter and those that came to us, but this fact is easy to fix, just write us a mail and send the file). The source of the last scanning unpacked the script you can find in the temp folder.
- User-friendly and intuitive interface.
- Pretty simple concept of the program, and therefore easily and frequently updated.
- High speed scanning when checking a large number of files.
- Built-in file viewing of the found text and hex modes

The scanner is only for checking game modifications unpacked from the archive as in any other case, it is useless.
Also, it is not intended for installers and avtoinstallyatorov.

I would like to warn that the program will not protect your accounts for 100%, just like any other virus, or a scanner. When writing a 100% antivirus protection cover - for me this is a signal to the removal of the anti-virus from the disk. But this scanner will be able to speed up the check for already known Stiller and help you not to fall for the bait of inexperienced distributors.
The best anti-virus - it's your head, and solutions - swing or not to swing. Rock fashion only verified sites, and where watching archive security.
Author of this program is not responsible for your decisions and possible missed scanner Stiller.

The big request, download the update to the program only with the official sources. This program we will be periodically updated on the sites and
About any errors please contact us by mail, or in this thread.

The bases of 25 06 2018

smalloff - development, project support
andre500 - testing, project support
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Download: AVPGameProtect25062018.rar
Posted: smalloff Downloads: 8442 Comments: 2
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