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GTA 5 car pack v.2

19 May 2014
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Пак машин из gta 5 v.2
GTA 5 car pack v.2
I know I was such a pack, but there was little car (at the time these were all) and I decided to do a 2 v.
Pack include 38 modifications:
  1. A police jeep from GTA V replace Police Ranger
  2. Rat Loader GTA V replace Walton
  3. Elegy of GTA 5 replace Elegy
  4. Sheriff Cruiser of GTA 5 replace Police LV
  5. Comet GTA V replace Comet
  6. Police Buffalo GTA V replace Police SF
  7. Granger Civil of GTA 5 replace Rnchlure
  8. GTA V Tailgater replace Elegant
  9. Bobcat XL of GTA 5 replace Bobcat
  10. Youga out GTA 5 replace Moonbeam
  11. Police Cruiser from GTA 5 replace Police LS
  12. Buffalo from GTA V replace Buffalo
  13. Tornado GTA 5 replace Tornado
  14. Monroe of GTA 5 replace Bullet
  15. The 17 Pounder GTA 5 replace Patriot
  16. Newsvan Rumpo of GTA 5 replace News Van
  17. Taxi from GTA 5 replace Taxi
  18. Sandking SWB of GTA 5 replace Monster B
  19. Sandking XL of GTA 5 replace Monster
  20. Cognocsenti Cabrio of GTA 5 replace Majestic
  21. Gauntlet GTA V replace Alpha
  22. Fugitive GTA 5 replace Merit
  23. Z-Type GTA V replace Hustler
  24. GTA V Baller Sport replace Huntley
  25. Picador GTA V replace Picador
  26. Regina GTA V replace Regina
  27. GANG Burrito GTA V replace Burrito
  28. CAMPER GTA V replace Journey
  29. DockTug GTA V replace Linerunner
  30. Adder GTA V damageable v 2. replace Turismo
  31. Dominator GTA V Damageable v. 2 replace Stallion
  32. Obey 9F GTA V Damageable v. 2 replace Euros
  33. BF Injection GTA V replace BF Injection
  34. Hauler GTA V replace Roadtrain
  35. Entity XF of GTA V replace Infernus
  36. Police Riot GTA V replace Enforcer
  37. GTA V Exempler replace Feltzer
  38. GTA V Overflod Entity XF replace Cheetah
Pack author: artur7575 Downloads: 129741 Comments: 1
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    Can you add "FIRETRUCK" pls ?
    7 June 2014 15:56

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