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Pak all transport of gta 5

19 September 2014
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Пак всего транспорта из gta 5
This pack required: CLEO 4 for GTA San Andreas
This pack of all transport of gta 5.
Pack include 40 modifications:
  1. Burrito v. GTA 5 replace Pony
  2. A police jeep from GTA V replace FBI Truck
  3. Elegy of GTA 5 replace Elegy
  4. Sheriff Cruiser of GTA 5 replace Police Ranger
  5. Comet GTA V replace Comet
  6. Police Maverick from GTA V replace Police Maverick
  7. GTA V Mañana replace Blade
  8. Journey of GTA 5 replace Journey
  9. Bobcat XL of GTA 5 replace Bobcat
  10. Police Cruiser from GTA 5 replace Police LS
  11. Monroe of GTA 5 replace Bullet
  12. Rhino of GTA 5 replace Rhino
  13. Newsvan Rumpo of GTA 5 replace News Van
  14. Taxi from GTA 5 replace Taxi
  15. Sandking SWB of GTA 5 replace Monster B
  16. Sandking XL of GTA 5 replace Monster
  17. Z-Type GTA V replace Euros
  18. GTA V Baller Sport replace Landstalker
  19. Picador GTA V replace Picador
  20. CAMPER GTA V replace Cabbie
  21. Adder GTA V damageable v 2. replace Turismo
  22. Hauler GTA V replace Roadtrain
  23. Entity XF of GTA V replace Infernus
  24. Police Riot GTA V replace Enforcer
  25. GTA V Transit Bus replace Coach
  26. GTA V Airport Bus replace Bus
  27. Airbus A340-300 Air Herler GTA V replace AT-400
  28. GTA 5 Cheval Surge 1.0 replace Sentinel
  29. Pegassi Zentorno from GTA 5 v3 replace Super GT
  30. Obey 9F replace Cheetah
  31. GTA 5 Entity XF replace ZR-350
  32. Vapid Police Interceptor from GTA V replace Police SF
  33. Ambulance of GTA 5 replace Ambulance
  34. GTA V Elegy RH8 Twin-Turbo (IVF) replace Admiral
  35. GTA V Blade replace Savanna
  36. Declasse Burrito v1.0 HQLM GTA V replace Burrito
  37. GTA V Grotti Turismo (R) replace Buffalo
  38. GTA V Huntley S replace Huntley
  39. GTA V Tow Truck Cleaned replace Towtruck
  40. GTA V Mesa replace Mesa
Pack author: CJkarl Downloads: 4416 Comments: 0
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