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Pak transport from GTA 4

17 February 2015
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Пак транспорта из GTA 4
This package contains vehicles from GTA 4.
Pack include 17 modifications:
  1. Willard from GTA 4 replace Willard
  2. Comet from GTA 4 replace Comet
  3. FIB Buffalo in GTA 4 replace Buffalo
  4. Bus from GTA 4 replace Bus
  5. GTA 4 TBOGT Super Drop Diamond replace Windsor
  6. APCS of the GTA 4 TBOGT With Original Texture replace SWAT
  7. Garbage truck from GTA 4 replace Trashmaster
  8. Ambulance from GTA 4 replace Ambulance
  9. NOOSE Patriot from GTA 4 replace Police Ranger
  10. Sentinel from GTA 4 replace Bravura
  11. Ingot of GTA 4 replace Solair
  12. Huntley from GTA 4 replace Huntley
  13. Patriot from GTA 4 replace Patriot
  14. Cabbie from GTA 4 replace Cabbie
  15. GTA 4 TBoGT from Buffalo replace Police LV
  16. Declasse Taxi from GTA 4 replace Glendale
  17. Admiral from GTA 4 replace Admiral
Pack author: aleko_qvrivishvili Downloads: 1472 Comments: 0
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