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Pak updated machines SA (by SkillBoy)

27 February 2015
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Пак обновлённых машин SA(by SkillBoy)
New, updated machine original SA, in the new style and the global redesign!
Pack include 72 modifications:
  1. Forklift GTAIV replace Forklift
  2. New Infernus replace Infernus
  3. New Van News replace News Van
  4. Ultra Elegy v 1.0 replace Elegy
  5. Sentinel Police LV replace Police LV
  6. The CADDY v 1.0 restyling replace Caddy
  7. FIRETRUCK replace Firetruck
  8. New Phoenix replace Phoenix
  9. The New Banshee [HD] replace Banshee
  10. HD Esperanto replace Esperanto
  11. HD Cheetah replace Cheetah
  12. HD Sentinel replace Sentinel
  13. Clean the glass in the Hotdog-e replace HotDog Van
  14. Hermes HD replace Hermes
  15. Barracks HD replace Barracks
  16. Cabbie HD replace Cabbie
  17. FBI Huntley 4 x 4 replace FBI Rancher
  18. Patriot Sand HD replace Patriot
  19. The New Sultan HD replace Sultan
  20. GTA IV The Emperor replace Emperor
  21. New Buffalo replace Buffalo
  22. Bloodring Banger of A Gta Vice City replace Bloodring
  23. New Greenwood replace Greenwood
  24. HD Huntley replace Huntley
  25. Journey replace Journey
  26. Bullet HD replace Bullet
  27. FBI Truck from Fast Five replace FBI Truck
  28. Feltzer HD replace Feltzer
  29. Picador replace Picador
  30. New BF Injection replace BF Injection
  31. New Mule replace Mule
  32. New Benson replace Benson
  33. New Glenshit replace Glenshit
  34. Landstalker replace Landstalker
  35. Linerunner from GTA 3 replace Linerunner
  36. Merit Coupe replace Merit
  37. New DFT-30 replace DFT-30
  38. New Hotknife replace Hotknife
  39. New Flatbed replace Flatbed
  40. A Revamped Flash replace Flash
  41. New Bravura For replace Bravura
  42. Glendale for SA: MP replace Glendale
  43. Moonbeam Family replace Moonbeam
  44. Bandito restyle v1 replace Bandito
  45. Kenworth Packer v. 1.0 replace Packer
  46. New Kart replace Kart
  47. Dozer replace Dozer
  48. New Admiral replace Admiral
  49. New Sabre replace Sabre
  50. New Regina replace Regina
  51. Century Nebula replace Nebula
  52. New Majestic replace Majestic
  53. New Police LS replace Police LS
  54. New Alpha replace Alpha
  55. Burrito 2007 replace Burrito
  56. New Elegant replace Elegant
  57. Improved Blistac replace Blista Compact
  58. New Comet replace Comet
  59. Stafford Police SF replace Police SF
  60. Clean Clover replace Clover
  61. Dumper Minero replace Dumper
  62. Pony from GTA 4 replace Pony
  63. Zr-350 Spider replace ZR-350
  64. Army Bobcat replace Bobcat
  65. Mule's Ambulance replace Ambulance
  66. GTA V Mesa replace Mesa
  67. Cement Truck from GTA IV replace Cement
  68. HD Coach replace Coach
  69. Enforcer in HD quality replace Enforcer
  70. Hd Super GT replace Super GT
  71. New Buccaneer replace Buccaneer
  72. Euros adapted to vinyls replace Euros
Pack author: SkillBoy Downloads: 2463 Comments: 0
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