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Pack cars from GTA 5 ver. 1

21 September 2015
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Pack cars from GTA 5 ver.1
Pak quality cars from GTA 5 by Fantom12.
Replaced by a very big part of machines (except those that are not on the site or "korâvoe").
Pack include 112 modifications:
  1. A police jeep from GTA V replace Police Ranger
  2. Rat Loader GTA V replace Walton
  3. Comet GTA V replace Comet
  4. Bobcat XL of GTA 5 replace Bobcat
  5. Buffalo from GTA V replace Buffalo
  6. The 17 Pounder GTA 5 replace Patriot
  7. Sandking XL of GTA 5 replace Monster
  8. Picador GTA V replace Picador
  9. Regina GTA V replace Regina
  10. CAMPER GTA V replace Journey
  11. Carbonizzare GTA V replace Cheetah
  12. Obey 9F GTA V Damageable v. 2 replace Euros
  13. Hauler GTA V replace Roadtrain
  14. Police Riot GTA V replace Enforcer
  15. GTA V Buccanee replace Buccaneer
  16. Lampadati Felon GT replace Previon
  17. GTA V Albany Alpha replace Alpha
  18. GTA V Vapid Stanier replace Willard
  19. GTA V Transit Bus replace Bus
  20. Benefactor Surano replace Fortune
  21. GTA V MTL Packer replace Linerunner
  22. GTA V Karin Asterope 1.0 replace Sunrise
  23. GTA 5 Cheval Surge 1.0 replace Sentinel
  24. Grotti Carbonizzare replace Super GT
  25. Pegassi Infernus replace Infernus
  26. Srainer from GTA 5 replace Greenwood
  27. Ambulance of GTA 5 replace Ambulance
  28. Vapid Radius v1.0 (HQLM) replace Vincent
  29. GTA V Blade replace Blade
  30. Declasse Burrito v1.0 HQLM GTA V replace Burrito
  31. Bravado Gresley HQLM GTA V replace Rnchlure
  32. GTA V Adder replace Bravura
  33. GTA V Rancher XL replace Rancher
  34. Bravado Paradise GTA V replace Rumpo
  35. GTA V Tow Truck Cleaned replace Towtruck
  36. GTA V Mesa replace Mesa
  37. Benefactor of Glendale from the GTA 5 replace Glendale
  38. Bravado Buffalo S v1.0 GTA V replace Sultan
  39. Youga GTA V replace Topfun
  40. GTA V Phoenix replace Phoenix
  41. HotKnife GTA V replace Hotknife
  42. GTA V Pegassi Vacca replace Turismo
  43. GTA V Roosevelt replace Hustler
  44. GTA 5 FIB Granger replace FBI Rancher
  45. GTA V Bravado Buffalo S Police Edition replace Police LV
  46. GTA V Dashound (Fixed Collison) replace Coach
  47. GTA V Barracks replace Barracks
  48. GTA V Vigero replace Clover
  49. GTA V Unmarked Police Cruiser replace Police SF
  50. GTA V Tailgater replace Emperor
  51. GTA V Intruder replace Intruder
  52. GTA V Ubermacht Oracle XS replace Elegant
  53. GTA V Gallivanter Baller 2 v1.0 replace Huntley
  54. GTA V Ocelot Jackal replace Tahoma
  55. Benefactor Panto GTA 5 replace Sweeper
  56. Vapid Speedo News Van replace News Van
  57. GTA V Bison (Updated!) replace Yosemite
  58. GTA V Benefactor replace Monster A
  59. GTA V Tornado replace Tornado
  60. GTA V Schyster Fusilade replace Flash
  61. GTA V Hijak Khamelion replace Bloodring
  62. GTA V Overflod Entity XF-v. 2 replace Bullet
  63. GTA V Truffade Z-Type replace Broadway
  64. GTA V Lampadati Pigalle replace Glenshit
  65. GTA 5 Benefactor Dubsta replace Stratum
  66. GTA V Albany Esperanto 1.0 HQLM replace Esperanto
  67. GTA V Ingot replace Perennial
  68. GTA V Surfer replace Camper
  69. GTA V Utility Van replace Utility Van
  70. GTA V Declasse Rhapsody replace Club
  71. GTA V Benson replace Yankee
  72. GTA V Stockade replace Securicar
  73. GTA V Enus Cognoscenti Cabrio replace Majestic
  74. GTA V Bravado Banshee replace Banshee
  75. GTA V Benefactor Feltzer replace Feltzer
  76. GTA V Maibatsu Penumbra replace Hotring Racer B
  77. Schafter of GTA V replace Premier
  78. GTA V Mower replace Mower
  79. GTA 5 Caddy replace Caddy
  80. GTA V Vapid Stanier II IVF Style replace Merit
  81. GTA 5 Dundreary Stretch IVF replace Stretch
  82. Dumper from GTA V replace Dumper
  83. Osiris Pegassi GTA V replace Uranus
  84. Benefactor Stirling GT replace Windsor
  85. Sadler by Vapid GTA V replace Sadler
  86. Police Transporter GTA V replace FBI Truck
  87. Taco van GTA V replace Mr Whoopee
  88. Albany Washington GTA V replace Washington
  89. GTA 5 Vapid Dominator Pisswasser IVF replace Elegy
  90. BF Dune Buggy GTA V replace Bandito
  91. Dewbauchee Massacro Racecar GTA V replace Hotring Racer
  92. Karin SARC Kuruma V 2.0 of GTA V replace Admiral
  93. Vapid Guardian GTA V replace Sandking
  94. HVY Insurgent Pick-up GTA V replace SWAT
  95. Imponte Dukes GTA V replace Tampa
  96. Obey Rocoto GTA V replace Landstalker
  97. GTA V Karin Dilettante replace Solair
  98. Super Diamond GTA V replace Stafford
  99. Cheval Marshall GTA V replace Monster B
  100. Declasse Sabre GT Turbo GTA V replace Sabre
  101. Bifta GTA V replace BF Injection
  102. MTL Fire Truck GTA V replace Firetruck
  103. Albany Virgo GTA V replace Virgo
  104. Declasse Stallion GTA V replace Stallion
  105. Bravado Gauntlet Redwood GTA V replace Hotring Racer A
  106. GTA V Stanier Police replace Police LS
  107. GTA V Progen T20 replace Jester
  108. GTA V Dinka Blista Compact replace Blista Compact
  109. GTA V Vapid Slamvan replace Slamvan
  110. GTA V Albany Esperanto replace Oceanic
  111. GTA V Rusty Tractor replace Tractor
  112. GTA 5 Albany Romero IVF replace Romero
Pack author: fantom12 Downloads: 39149 Comments: 1
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