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Grand Theft Auto III Pack

29 May 2016
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Grand Theft Auto III Pack
Moderators: IZH21251, Danis555
this is my GTA 3 a Pack. It contains primarily vehicles. I hope to you like this Pack.
Pack include 33 modifications:
  1. HD Kuruma replace Primo
  2. HD Cheetah replace Cheetah
  3. HD Columb replace Nebula
  4. HD Blista replace Stratum
  5. Hermes HD replace Hermes
  6. HD Stretch replace Stretch
  7. HD Stallion from GTA3 replace Stallion
  8. The Diablo Stallion replace Savanna
  9. HD SA taxi replace Taxi
  10. Mafia Sentinel from GTA 3 {By DmitryCrach} replace Sultan
  11. GTA III Sentinel replace Sentinel
  12. New Trashmaster replace Forklift
  13. Landstalker replace Landstalker
  14. Mr.Whoopie replace Mr Whoopee
  15. Police from the GTA LC 3 replace Police LS
  16. Stinger GTA 3 replace Super GT
  17. HD Rumpo replace Rumpo
  18. Enforcer in HD quality replace Enforcer
  19. Declasse Low'65 replace Voodoo
  20. Idaho SA style replace Majestic
  21. HD Moonbeam replace Moonbeam
  22. GTA 3 Stinger replace Windsor
  23. GTA 3 Mafia Sentinel replace Admiral
  24. Ambulance GTA 3 replace Ambulance
  25. Barracks GTA 3 replace Barracks
  26. BF Injection GTA 3 replace BF Injection
  27. Yardie Lobo GTA 3 replace Blade
  28. Banshee GTA 3 replace Banshee
  29. Bobcat GTA 3 replace Bobcat
  30. Bus GTA 3 replace Bus
  31. Cabbie GTA 3 replace Cabbie
  32. Coach GTA 3 replace Coach
  33. GTA Infernus 3 SA style V2 replace Infernus
Pack author: Bumercat Downloads: 1924 Comments: 0
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