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7 June 2017
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Пак машин в стиле SA
Moderators: crow, lk_1997_kl
Pack include 42 modifications:
  1. Army DFT-28 replace Barracks
  2. An FBI Rancher replace FBI Rancher
  3. New Truck replace Petrol
  4. Ambush Van replace Pony
  5. Elegant Nuclear Security replace Patriot
  6. VC SecuriCa replace Securicar
  7. ZR-350 Update replace ZR-350
  8. Picador Monster Truck replace Monster A
  9. New Alpha Street replace Alpha
  10. Rally Jester replace Jester
  11. Civilian Mr. WhooPee replace Burrito
  12. Stretch Monster Truck FIX replace Monster
  13. New Flatbed Industrial replace Flatbed
  14. Perennial Cabriolet replace Perennial
  15. Vincent Cop replace Vincent
  16. Diablos Hotknife replace Hotknife
  17. New Walton replace Walton
  18. GTA LCS, Sindacco Argento replace Solair
  19. Derby Clover replace Bloodring
  20. Alien Camper replace Camper
  21. Lincoln Town Car 1981 replace Greenwood
  22. Stratum Pickup replace Stratum
  23. Tampa Daytona replace Tampa
  24. Yosemite Off-road replace Sandking
  25. Limousine Auto Transporter replace Romero
  26. Bobcat XL replace Bobcat
  27. Moonbeam Super Custom replace Moonbeam
  28. Sultan SFPD replace Police SF
  29. Stratum LSPD replace Police LS
  30. Tahoma Costumes replace Tahoma
  31. DFT Trash replace Trashmaster
  32. Comet Restyle replace Comet
  33. Custom Cab replace Cabbie
  34. Cement truck replace Roadtrain
  35. Premier Wagon replace Regina
  36. Sabre Drag replace Sabre
  37. Rally Club replace Club
  38. Winter Elegy replace Elegy
  39. Fire Truck Packer replace Packer
  40. Infernus GT2 replace Infernus
  41. Cheetah Zombie Apocalypse replace Cheetah
  42. Voodoo Station Wagon replace Voodoo
Pack author: StuartLittle Downloads: 666 Comments: 0
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