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All for a comfortable game for GTA San Andreas

17 November 2014
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Все для комфортной игры for GTA San Andreas
First person to GTA San Andreas:
The First-Person mode will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the world of GTA!
With it you will be able to run, jump, shoot, drive, fly, all you can do in the GTA!
Mode of "first-person" is now available as one of the main modes of the camera. Poŝëlkajte change the view button (by default, V) and you switch to first person. You can exit this mode is exactly the same.

Skin Selector v2.1 for GTA San Andreas:
With this MOD you can change the skin of the main character CJ'â on any other PEDA (a simple citizen) or any special character. For example, you can turn into a Big robot smoke, Ryder or officer Tenpenny.

Some of the skins that are present on our site require the installation of this script that allows you to change the skin for any new hero.

If you want to install a new skin (the skin should be *.txd and *.dff), you should either put it with IMG Tool 2.0 in the file CLEO\\skin.img. Or you can just download the skins from our site and put them into the game automatically. The choice is yours.

The mod allows spaunit′ next to any character. There are two types of spawn:
1. standard, i.e. a character just appears beside you
2. the Defender, that character will protect you.

The MOU is the variety of clothes from any store games! Thus you can put absolutely any thing anywhere in the game.

-to change the skin of the hero in a new, downloaded skins Tab and push the button without releasing her twist the mouse wheel. Instead, you can also press the Q or E is the button change weapons. The Tab button that must be pressed.
-to open the menu, select the characters you want to simultaneously press the 3 button-Tab + Q + E (if that doesn't work, then try the Tab + Q + mouse wheel down turn)
-to select a menu item, press the space bar
-to exit the menu, press F or Enter

Spare rubber for GTA San Andreas:
On the road can happen anything! And you should always have a spare tire. Karl also got spare tires. You can now replace broken ones. To do this, leave the car and go to the opened tailgate.
Enter-take the wheel, then go with this wheel to our kneels, probitomu (C) and wait for Karl to change the wheel.

Now you can sleep for GTA San Andreas: Now you can sleep
Just go to bed and then Tab then select time to sleep

Save wherever you want for GTA San Andreas:
The CLEO library must be installed 4 GTA San Andreas.
To save, press "F4".
You cannot persist in three cases:
1. in the car.
2. If you are running a mission.
3. in the water.

Engine on/off headlights and doors for GTA San Andreas:
With this CLEO script you can turn on and off lights, turn off the engine and lock the doors.
The O-lock the door
. -engine

Alarm system for cars for GTA San Andreas:
This mod makes it possible to turn the alarm on any car.
To do this, get out of your car and click the button "1"-now the machine door locked. To disable the alarm, press the "2".

You can now put on the marking My wheelbarrow and go for a walk, the machine will not go away. When setting the alarm will sound and pleasant to the ear zvučok PIP-peak.

Holes from bullets for GTA San Andreas:
In GTA San Andreas there are many unrealistic moments, one of them began to draw the attention of the players since the release of GTA IV. In the game there is no bullet holes! Shoot a lot and holes No. But all known skripteru managed to do what many have tried to do, and he was able to improve the quality of fashion.

This mod for GTA SA adds holes from bullets. View texture holes depends on the material that was shot, this means that there may be holes on the glass and on the car, and on the wall, etc.
Pack author: Lorenzpwns123 Downloads: 20457 Comments: 0
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