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New Pack clothing for GTA San Andreas

11 March 2015
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Новый пак одежды! for GTA San Andreas
This is a new Park Service, in which more than 85 replacements.

The Pack contains a bag that replaces model hours. To correctly display the bags you need to wear yellow watch!
Pack include 86 modifications:
  1. New Era Cap
  2. Pants replace Beige Khakis
  3. Rolex skin 11 replace Zip Gold Watch
  4. Bandana CS replace Black Rag Back
  5. 2 Hoodie replace Rockstar Hood
  6. Gas Mask
  7. Nike sneakers replace Mid-Top Sneaker
  8. New green krosovki replace Hi-Top Kicks
  9. T-shirt with the flag of England replace Red Bobo T
  10. Bob Marley t-shirt replace ProLaps Black T
  11. New Jersey for CJ replace White Tank
  12. Jacket-Point (G) replace Mercury Hood
  13. Reebok Sporthose replace Sweat Pants
  14. 50 cent tank top replace Dribblers Vest
  15. Blue Nike Air Force replace Gray Boots
  16. T-shirt codered replace Eris T-Shirt
  17. Nike T-shirt replace Green Tagg T
  18. New glasses for CJ replace Green Tint
  19. Jacket Chicago Bulls replace R-Star Jacket
  20. T-shirt in the style MineSraft replace Suburban T
  21. United States ice hockey team's form 1.0 replace Slappers Top
  22. United States basketball team uniforms replace Saint
  23. ACϟDC t-shirt replace Base 5 T
  24. Sports Hoody replace Green Hoody
  25. Omsk bird replace Bobo Ape T
  26. T-shirt with Trollfejsom replace White Heat T
  27. Shirt in the style of Vice City replace Hawaiian Shirt
  28. Junior jacket DC replace Green Shirt
  29. Kofta Linkin Park replace Base 5 Hood
  30. Rastaman t-shirt (my version) replace Madd Tagg T
  31. John Cena T Shirt replace Bandits Top
  32. T-shirt zbornoj France replace Cream Logo T
  33. My tights replace Track Pants
  34. Parkour clothing 2 replace Blue Track Pants
  35. NIKE T-shirt replace 69ers T-Shirt
  36. T-shirt with a condom replace Striped T-Shirt
  37. Blue-white-blue shirt replace Checkered Shirt
  38. Ken Block T-shirt replace Eris T-Shirt2
  39. New jeans replace Blue Jeans
  40. Black pants with stripes replace Black Track Pants
  41. Rote Sneakers replace Black Low-Tops 2
  42. Nike Air Force Ones in Purple and Blue replace Black Mid-Tops
  43. White Air Force One replace White Hi-Tops
  44. Dc shoes replace Black Low-Tops
  45. Slip-ones replace Orange Hi-Tops
  46. Vans No Skool Shoes replace White Low-Tops
  47. Nike Dunk Low Pro SB Cinco replace White Sneakers
  48. Shawl for CJ v. 2 replace Green Rag
  49. Golden chain MONSTER ENERGY replace Africa Pendant
  50. Spongebob OUTFIT replace Sharps T-Shirt
  51. T-shirt "I'm A ENGLISH GRIME KID" replace White T-Shirt
  52. T-shirt "treasure island"
  53. T-shirt "Grove Street" replace L.S. T-Shirt
  54. Hoody "skullz" replace Hooded Jacket
  55. Camouflage jacket replace Jean Jacket
  56. Camouflage pants replace Woodland Camo
  57. Grove Street Colours replace Green Rag Front
  58. Hawaiian shirt as Max Payne replace Blue Hawaiian
  59. Stylish Cardigan replace Sports Jacket
  60. Raven Jacket replace Biker Jacket
  61. New jeans replace Leather Pants
  62. The chain of "Saints Row 2" replace Dollar Chain
  63. Slipknot jacket replace Rimmers Jacket
  64. Kroon replace Cowboy Hat
  65. Edward's Coat replace Letterman Top
  66. Beige leather jacket replace Leisure Top
  67. Sunglasses aviators replace Aviators
  68. Glasses Hancock replace Black Shades 3
  69. Sweater with deer replace Rockstar Sweat
  70. Hat Hancock replace Green Skully
  71. SkullMask (GTA 5) replace Hockey Mask
  72. NIKE sneakers with Bob Marley replace Gray Low-Tops
  73. Fur coat for CJ v3 replace Combat Jacket
  74. Fashion glasses for CJ replace Brown Shades
  75. Skull Mask 2 replace MotoX Helmet
  76. Tony Montana costume (jacket) replace Gray Jacket
  77. Tony Montana costume (pants) replace Gray Pants
  78. Tony Montana costume (shoes) replace Spats
  79. Tony Montana costume (glasses) replace Black Shades
  80. Cowboy hat from GTA 4 v. 3 replace Leopard Cowboy
  81. Pants for CJ replace Green Track Pants
  82. Good mask giraffe replace Boxing Helmet
  83. Iron Man Mask replace Joke Mask
  84. Pants Bandit of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. replace Olive Pants
  85. Bag full of marijuana replace Yellow Watch Watch
Pack author: xXx_NIGER_xXx Downloads: 12831 Comments: 0
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