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A small Pack of useful mods from maxoggedon for GTA San Andreas

14 October 2015
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Небольшой пак полезных модов от maxoggedon for GTA San Andreas
Moderators: smalloff
All of these mods are included in this Pack, do not conflict with each other (can check). Plus I added the phone and Hud effects GTA V is also present (to me it seemed helpful). This is my first job.
Management: First-Person mod: switch the camera until the first person appears. (V)
DLC garage: TAB-enter the garage, "5"-the choice of conventional transport, "6"-selection of sports cars (in the garage)
Interactive phone: "get up"-phone "BACKSPACE"-remove phone, "left and right" Arrows-move the phone, SHIFT-select.
GTA V HUD: "N" or "yo"-open arms selector, "ASTERISK"-get it/remove phone
Pack author: maxoggedon Downloads: 47948 Comments: 4
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  • kacper1szyha
    kacper1szyha Offline
     Member 10
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    NAprawde działa tego bylo mi trzeba smile14
    11 April 2017 22:03
  • 23BERTD1
    23BERTD1 Offline
     Member 140
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    kacper1szyha, Dobrze że nie jestem jedynym Polakiem. Tak trzymać! bigsmile
    12 April 2017 15:14
    reply to a comment kacper1szyha
  • KubaGP
    KubaGP Offline
     Member 18
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    23BERTD1, Dokaładnie!
    9 January 2018 18:35
    reply to a comment 23BERTD1
  • kristi123
    kristi123 Offline
     Member 1
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    good mod bigsmile
    28 January 2018 17:19

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