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Pak and car skins v2 by Dima_Fox for GTA San Andreas

27 November 2013
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Пак авто и скинов v2 by Dima_Fox for GTA San Andreas
Good quality car is suitable for playing in the samp or crmp put + whom please. In this folder there are foreign cars and vases, as well as high-quality skins police, civil and other gangs. It's my Park version 2. Very high quality!
Pack include 71 modification:
  1. Gazelle 2705 News Channel replace News Van
  2. Simbir "UAZ Pickup replace Huntley
  3. KAMAZ 43118 AC-7, 0-40 replace Firetruck
  4. VAZ 2107 replace Intruder
  5. Lada 2170 Priora replace Primo
  6. VAZ 2102 replace Tahoma
  7. Vaz 2110 Stoke replace Infernus
  8. VAZ 2115 replace Sultan
  9. Lada 2170 Priora replace Hotring Racer B
  10. Lada Priora Coupe replace Cheetah
  11. Swat from Point Blank replace swat (id285)
  12. Vito Scaletta Made Man replace andre (id3)
  13. Crysis NanoSuit replace army (id287)
  14. LADA 2112 replace Elegy
  15. VAZ 2113 Ferarri replace Manana
  16. ВАЗ 2114 replace Greenwood
  17. BMW E34 5-er replace Merit
  18. CEP 2345 replace Picador
  19. VAZ 2103 replace Alpha
  20. VAZ 2106 replace Admiral
  21. Lada Granta Drain Final replace Stallion
  22. Lada Priora replace Comet
  23. GAZ 31029 Stoke replace Banshee
  24. 3302 Gazelle replace Mule
  25. BMW E34 525tds Taxi replace Taxi
  26. Guy in Monster Energy replace bmycg (id144)
  27. New wmydrug (WalkMK) replace wmydrug (id29)
  28. New gangrl3 replace gangrl3 (id195)
  29. Girl fan Chicago Bulls replace mecgrl3 (id192)
  30. Stella Romani replace wfybu (id150)
  31. Nice Weather replace omyst (id60)
  32. Feel Me replace vwmycd (id206)
  33. All I Wear It replace wmyammo (id179)
  34. Simple pedestrian replace wmyst (id101)
  35. Honda Accord 2010 replace Stratum
  36. Mercedes Benz Sprinter Ambulance replace Ambulance
  37. Lada Priora Sport replace Hotring Racer A
  38. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X replace Sentinel
  39. BMW M5 E60 replace Glendale
  40. Luaz 13021 tow truck replace Towtruck
  41. Chevrolet Suburban 1998 FBI replace FBI Rancher
  42. A Riot Policeman replace sfpd1 (id281)
  43. Russian TRAFFIC POLICE officer replace tenpen (id265)
  44. STATE MOTOR VEHICLE INSPECTORATE Employee replace lapdm1 (id284)
  45. Inspector DPS replace pulaski (id266)
  46. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 211 CDi replace Bobcat
  47. Ferrari F40 1987 replace Turismo
  48. 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STi replace Bullet
  49. ВАЗ 2114 replace Uranus
  50. LADA 2170 Police DPS Samara replace Police SF
  51. FSO POLONEZ 1500 replace Premier
  52. Honda Civic Si 2008 replace Super GT
  53. Mersedez Benz SLK55 AMG replace Hotring Racer
  54. Retro Žigul′ replace Perennial
  55. VAZ 2108 "BPAN RF" replace Flash
  56. VAZ 2115 DPS (Retekstur) replace Police LS
  57. Toyota Avensis 2.0 16v VVT-i D4 Executive replace Elegant
  58. VAZ 2106 DPS (exclusive) replace Police LV
  59. 2013 Nissan Almera Classic replace Willard
  60. BMW E34 replace Previon
  61. BMW X5M replace Landstalker
  62. CowGirl replace hfypro (id64)
  63. CowGirl (Nude Version) replace bfypro (id63)
  64. Black Dressed Girl replace ofyst (id56)
  65. VAZ 2107 "Moskvitch" replace Nebula
  66. Sweet replace sweet (id270)
  67. Ryder replace ryder (id271)
  68. Toyota Celica Tuned SSII replace Jester
  69. Sofia girl replace bfyst (id13)
  70. Eva v2 girl skin replace bmybe (id18)
  71. Excella girl skin replace vwmotr1 (id212)
Pack author: Dimando Downloads: 8588 Comments: 0
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