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MOD Pack for Ultra RolePlay for GTA San Andreas

23 May 2014
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Мод пак для Ultra RolePlay for GTA San Andreas
Pak for the CRMP.
MOD Pack Super!
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Pack include 36 modifications:
  1. VAZ Lada 2170 Priora replace Primo
  2. Mercedes-Benz E320 C124 Cabrio replace Virgo
  3. VAZ 2121 Police replace Police Ranger
  4. Porshe Panamera replace Stallion
  5. Dodge Challenger 1971 Speed replace Clover
  6. Toyota Celica GT4 DiRT replace Jester
  7. Mazda RX-8 Veilside replace Sultan
  8. Mercedes-Benz G500 Zailer 2004 replace Huntley
  9. BMW E34 535i Taxi replace Taxi
  10. Nissan Skyline B324R replace Elegy
  11. VAZ 2110 HERTZ-style (D.A.G) Orange replace Admiral
  12. Vaz Lada 2107 DPS Police replace Police LS
  13. LADA Kalina replace Phoenix
  14. Gazelle 2705 ambulance replace Ambulance
  15. ZIL 131 AL-30 replace Firetruck LA
  16. BMW X6M replace Solair
  17. Izh 412 v 3.0 replace Willard
  18. Honda Click replace Faggio
  19. Russian police motorcycle replace Police Bike
  20. BMW S1000RR 2009 replace PCJ-600
  21. Honda Valentino Rossi Pcj600 replace BF-400
  22. GTAIV-TLAD Hakuchou Custom Version With Custom Paitjob replace FCR-900
  23. Honda CRF450R Extreme Edition FINAL replace Sanchez
  24. Pak arms from a stalker
  25. Mitsubishi Pajero OffRoad v2 replace Landstalker
  26. Niwa "Drift" replace Bravura
  27. Mitsubishi KenfromGTAEclipse replace Bloodring
  28. Vaz 2114 Dps Conversion wheel replace Police LV
  29. VAZ 2104 replace Perennial
  30. LADA 2170 Police DPS Samara replace Police SF
  31. Dodge Ram Tow Truck replace Towtruck
  32. Mitsubishi lancer X replace ZR-350
  33. Mazda 3 replace Previon
  34. VAZ 2101 BPAN replace Oceanic
  35. BMW 535 replace Glendale
  36. Sunflower seed VAZ 2107 BPAN replace Cadrona
Pack author: Vladimir_Putin Downloads: 2726 Comments: 0
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