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Pak cars, skins, weapons, etc. from the GTA V v. 2 for GTA San Andreas

27 August 2014
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Пак машин, скинов, оружия и т.д из GTA V v.2 for GTA San Andreas
The second version of the Pak machines, skins, weapons, etc. of the new game "Grand Theft Auto V"! Enjoy the game! It is desirable to put on pure-play!

P.s soon on the PC, uraaaaaaaaaaaa!
Pack include 214 modifications:
  1. PCJ-600 in GTA IV replace PCJ-600
  2. Real Grass V 1.0
  3. Round the Moon
  4. New roads of Los Santos
  5. New road, Las Venturas
  6. New road, San Fierro
  7. New graffiti on the walls
  8. CJ Total House Remode
  9. Normal hands CJâ
  10. Perfect reality
  11. New Windows Crashes
  12. Ragdoll Style Animations v4
  13. Bullets from GTA 4
  14. Normal Map Plugin
  15. New money
  16. HD water
  17. Timecyc Los Angeles
  18. Explosive C4 replace Sachet Charges
  19. Smoke grenade HD replace Tear Gas
  20. The loss of lives in the crash
  21. GPS Navigator with voice
  22. Different behaviour
  23. Real Mod Update 2011.09.15 Ragdoll
  24. Chamber of GTA IV 1.0
  25. These sleeves (sleeves)
  26. Shelter system
  27. The Player looks wherever you see
  28. Overturned cars don't burn
  29. GTA IV Maverick replace Maverick
  30. Large airship replace Nevada
  31. USS Submarine Beta replace Speeder
  32. HD Rails v 2.0 Final
  33. The character of GTA 5 (v. 1.0) replace Skin Selector
  34. Pakki MakRiri replace Skin Selector
  35. Dog replace wmyplt (id61)
  36. Wolf replace omost (id58)
  37. Wrench replace Long White Dildo
  38. CJ may falter
  39. HQ Countries Mount Chiliad
  40. Animation by xXx2o1o MOD 2.0
  41. Poster of GTA 5
  42. At the time of killing
  43. GTA IV Save box Pickup
  44. New billboards beta version
  45. Sounds of Nature
  46. Leo replace swfyri (id216)
  47. Gta 5 Hud
  48. Scrap replace Cane
  49. Ped from GTA V replace bmycr (id21)
  50. Realistic behavior of people v 2.0
  51. Police North Of Yankton replace Police LV
  52. Vapid GTA V Police Car replace Police LS
  53. GTA V logo
  54. Michael HD replace Skin Selector
  55. Franklin HD replace Skin Selector
  56. Trevor HD replace Skin Selector
  57. A police jeep from GTA V replace Police Ranger
  58. Rat Loader GTA V replace Walton
  59. Elegy of GTA 5 replace Elegy
  60. Hud Radio GTA V
  61. Sheriff Cruiser of GTA 5 replace Washington
  62. GTA V Radar Icons
  63. Comet GTA V replace Comet
  64. Police Buffalo GTA V replace Police SF
  65. Lamar from GTA 5 v 1. replace Skin Selector
  66. Lamar from GTA 5 v. 2 replace Skin Selector
  67. Granger Civil of GTA 5 replace Rnchlure
  68. GTA V Tailgater replace Elegant
  69. Esperanto Police Nortch Yankton replace Flash
  70. Police Maverick from GTA V replace Police Maverick
  71. GTA V Mañana replace Manana
  72. Journey of GTA 5 replace Camper
  73. Bobcat XL of GTA 5 replace Bobcat
  74. Youga out GTA 5 replace Moonbeam
  75. GTA V Adder replace Hotring Racer A
  76. Baseball bat from GTA V replace Baseball Bat
  77. Buffalo from GTA V replace Buffalo
  78. Tornado GTA 5 replace Tornado
  79. Monroe of GTA 5 replace Bullet
  80. Ballas Girl 3 (GTA) replace vbfypro (id245)
  81. Ballas Girl 2 (GTA) replace ballas2 (id103)
  82. The Barracks of the semi-final GTA 5 replace DFT-30
  83. Bigfoot (GTA V) replace hmycr (id47)
  84. Mime (GTA V) replace wmoice (id264)
  85. Pump shotgun replace Shotgun
  86. Knife of GTA 5 replace Knife
  87. Baton of GTA 5 replace Night Stick
  88. Molotov cocktail of GTA 5 replace Molotovs
  89. Hammer of GTA 5 replace Purple Dildo
  90. Putter of GTA 5 replace Golf Club
  91. Jesus (GTA V) replace male01 (id7)
  92. Animation of GTA IV v 2.0
  93. MicroSMG of GTA 5 replace Micro Uzi
  94. SMG (MP5) of GTA 5 replace MP5
  95. Colt 45 out of GTA 5 replace Colt 45
  96. Desert Eagle from GTA 5 replace Desert Eagle
  97. Cletus (GTA V) replace Skin Selector
  98. Heavysniper of GTA 5 replace Sniper Rifle
  99. The parachute of GTA 5 replace Parachute
  100. Machine gun of GTA 5 replace Minigun
  101. Bleed from the GTA 5 replace Sawn Off Shotgun
  102. Combat shotgun of GTA 5 replace Combat Shotgun
  103. Zombie (GTA V) replace wmyva2 (id252)
  104. GTA SA: V Style Loadscreens
  105. Mrs Philips (Trevor's Mother) (GTA Iv) replace Skin Selector
  106. Wade Hebert (GTA V) replace Skin Selector
  107. Gardener (GTA V) replace bmycon (id260)
  108. Sheriff of GTA 5 replace csher (id283)
  109. Cop out GTA 5 v 1. replace lapd1 (id280)
  110. Cop out GTA 5 v. 2 replace lvpd1 (id282)
  111. Cop out GTA 5 v 3. replace sfpd1 (id281)
  112. The 17 Pounder GTA 5 replace Patriot
  113. Rhino of GTA 5 replace Rhino
  114. Newsvan Rumpo of GTA 5 replace News Van
  115. Taxi from GTA 5 replace Taxi
  116. Baller of GTA 5 replace Huntley
  117. Monkey-(GTA) replace vhmyelv (id82)
  118. Sandking SWB of GTA 5 replace Monster B
  119. Sandking XL of GTA 5 replace Monster
  120. Cognocsenti Cabrio of GTA 5 replace Majestic
  121. Gauntlet GTA V replace Alpha
  122. Fugitive GTA 5 replace Merit
  123. Z-Type GTA V replace Hustler
  124. GTA V Baller Sport replace Landstalker
  125. Assault Rifle GTA V replace AK47
  126. Carbine Rifle GTA V replace M4
  127. Picador GTA V replace Picador
  128. Regina GTA V replace Regina
  129. GANG Burrito GTA V replace Burrito
  130. CAMPER GTA V replace Journey
  131. DockTug GTA V replace Baggage Handler
  132. Trailer for GTA V DockTug replace Artict3
  133. Carbonizzare GTA V replace Cheetah
  134. Adder GTA V damageable v 2. replace Hotring Racer
  135. Dominator GTA V Damageable v. 2 replace Stallion
  136. Obey 9F GTA V Damageable v. 2 replace Euros
  137. Fusilade GTA V replace Cadrona
  138. BF Injection GTA V replace BF Injection
  139. Hauler GTA V replace Roadtrain
  140. Entity XF of GTA V replace Infernus
  141. AntiCrasher for SA: MP 0 .3z by FYP
  142. An elderly woman replace cwfyfr2 (id199)
  143. An elderly woman 2 replace wfori (id88)
  144. An elderly woman 3 replace sbfost (id218)
  145. Police Riot GTA V replace Enforcer
  146. GTA V Rapid GT Cabrio replace Feltzer
  147. Albany Roosevelt replace Hotknife
  148. GTA V Plane Cam
  149. GTA V Exempler replace Bravura
  150. GTA V Buffalo Taxi replace Cabbie
  151. GTA V Overflod Entity XF replace ZR-350
  152. GTA V Buccanee replace Buccaneer
  153. JoBuilt Hauler Fixet of GTA 5 replace Packer
  154. Weeny Issi replace Club
  155. Imponte Phoenix replace Phoenix
  156. Lampadati Felon GT replace Previon
  157. GTA V Grotti Turismo (R) replace Turismo
  158. GTA V Vapid Stanier replace Willard
  159. GTA V Transit Bus replace Bus
  160. The Barber of GTA 5 replace wmybar (id177)
  161. GTA V Airport Bus replace Coach
  162. GTA V Albany Alpha v1.1 replace Admiral
  163. GTA V Vapid Dominator replace Windsor
  164. Benefactor Dubsta replace Sandking
  165. Benefactor Surano replace Fortune
  166. Nigga (GTA V) replace wmori (id94)
  167. Overdose Effects v1.5
  168. SWAT GTA V replace swat (id285)
  169. A Working GTA V replace bmyap (id16)
  170. Recharging weapons
  171. GTA V char transper
  172. call taxi gta IV
  173. Ballas 1 (GTA) replace ballas1 (id102)
  174. Ballas 2 (GTA) replace vbmycr (id183)
  175. Ballas3 (GTA V) replace ballas3 (id104)
  176. Memory2048
  177. Photographing Self (Selfi-Camera)
  178. GTA V MTL Packer replace Linerunner
  179. GTA V Weapon Scrolling
  180. Airbus A340-300 Air Herler GTA V replace AT-400
  181. GTA V Karin Asterope 1.0 replace Sunrise
  182. Tracey De Santa replace Skin Selector
  183. Hijak Khamelion replace Banshee
  184. Dewbauchee Massacro replace Tampa
  185. Brakedance Ped (GTA V) replace wmyjg (id96)
  186. Vagos Girl (GTA V) replace sofyst (id226)
  187. GTA 5 Cheval Surge 1.0 replace Sentinel
  188. Grotti Carbonizzare replace Hotring Racer B
  189. Pegassi Zentorno from GTA 5 v3 replace Super GT
  190. Pegassi Infernus replace Jester
  191. fam1 by DmXLite [HD] replace fam1 (id105)
  192. Vapid Interceptor replace Nebula
  193. Übermacht Sentinel XS replace Uranus
  194. Sanchez From GTA V replace Sanchez
  195. Jimmy Boston (GTA V) replace Skin Selector
  196. Jimmy De Santa (GTA V) replace Skin Selector
  197. Tracey De Santa (GTA V) replace Skin Selector
  198. Tracey De Santa (GTA V) v. 2 replace Skin Selector
  199. Bodybuilder (GTA V) replace swmyhp1 (id72)
  200. Skin Sicario GTA V By Cesar Hardy replace cwmyhb1 (id162)
  201. Vapid Police Interceptor from GTA V replace Premier
  202. Bug Star Robbery (GTA V) v. 1 replace hmost (id44)
  203. Bug Star Robbery (GTA V) v. 2 replace hmori (id43)
  204. The prisoner (GTA V) v. 1 replace omoboat (id210)
  205. The prisoner (GTA V) v. 2 replace omyst (id60)
  206. Srainer from GTA 5 replace Greenwood
  207. Ambulance of GTA 5 replace Ambulance
  208. Clown (GTA V) replace sbmocd (id220)
  209. Stun Gun/Tazer Gun from GTA 5 replace Silenced Pistol
  210. NPC Helmet
  211. RPG from GTA 5 replace RPG
  212. Vapid Radius v1.0 (IVF) replace Vincent
  213. GTA V Blade replace Blade
  214. GTA 5 DewBauchee JB-700 v1.0 with Machine Guns (IVF) replace Sultan
Pack author: Бабайка Downloads: 115927 Comments: 1
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