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Pack "Zombie apocalypse" by Poplen for GTA San Andreas

29 August 2014
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Pack "Zombie apocalypse" by Poplen for GTA San Andreas
This pack required: CLEO 4 for GTA San Andreas
Zombies come to San Andreas! Take the weapon in your hands and begin their extermination...
It is recommended that you use with a modded The Walking Dead. If you are lazy to search, enter the code: IOJUFZN and/or BAGOWPG.
Be sure to install memory 2048
Pack include 68 modifications:
  1. Jeep Grand Cherokee police K-9 replace Police Ranger
  2. Chevrolet Caprice 1986 Interceptor replace Police LV
  3. Pontiac G8 GXP Police v2 replace Police LS
  4. Zombie Taxi replace Taxi
  5. Ford Crown Victoria 2003 Police replace Police SF
  6. Realistic Night Mod
  7. Cola Automat
  8. Guitarist effects V 1.3
  9. Broken cars on Grove Street
  10. And the FBI S.W.A.T. Truck ride through the streets of
  11. Base of Grove Street
  12. Loading screens Chernobyl
  13. CH-46 SeaKnight replace Cargobob
  14. The UH-60 Black Hawk replace Leviathan
  15. Zombie replace bmotr1 (id79)
  16. Tank game S. T. A. L. k. e. R replace Rhino
  17. Zombie father Steve from Resident evil-The darkside chronicles replace male01 (id7)
  18. Skin zombika replace army (id287)
  19. IV Multiplayer Zombie replace dnfylc (id131)
  20. Call of Duty BO Huey replace Maverick
  21. Zombie Skin-bfori replace bfori (id9)
  22. Zombie Skin-bfost replace bfost (id10)
  23. Zombie Skin-bikera replace bikera (id247)
  24. Zombie Skin-bmost replace bmost (id15)
  25. Zombie Skin-bmycon replace bmycon (id260)
  26. Zombie Skin-bmyri replace bmyri (id20)
  27. Zombie Skin-bmyst replace bmyst (id22)
  28. Zombie Skin-cwmyhb1 replace cwmyhb1 (id162)
  29. Zombie Skin-cwmyhb2 replace cwmyhb2 (id200)
  30. Zombie Skin-dwmolc2 replace dwmolc2 (id33)
  31. Zombie Skin-hfybe replace hfybe (id140)
  32. Zombie Skin-hmyri replace hmyri (id46)
  33. Zombie Skin-lvemt1 replace lvemt1 (id275)
  34. Zombie Skin-omyri replace omyri (id59)
  35. Zombie Skin-sbfyst replace sbfyst (id69)
  36. Zombie Skin-sbmyri replace sbmyri (id185)
  37. Zombie Skin-sofyst replace sofyst (id226)
  38. Zombie Skin-somyst replace somyst (id170)
  39. Zombie Skin-swmotr4 replace swmotr4 (id239)
  40. Zombie Skin-swmyst replace swmyst (id188)
  41. Zombie Skin-vhfyst replace vhfyst3 (id246)
  42. Zombie Skin-vwfyst1 replace vwfyst1 (id87)
  43. Zombie Skin-wfyri replace wfyri (id91)
  44. Zombie Skin-wfyro replace wfyro (id92)
  45. Zombie Skin-wfyst replace wfyst (id93)
  46. Zombie Skin-wmoice replace wmoice (id264)
  47. Zombie Skin-wmori replace wmori (id94)
  48. Zombie Skin-wmybar replace wmybar (id177)
  49. Zombie Skin-wmybe replace wmybe (id154)
  50. Zombie Skin-wmybp replace wmybp (id26)
  51. Zombie Skin-wmycr replace wmycr (id100)
  52. Zombie Skin-wmymech replace wmymech (id50)
  53. Zombie Skin-wmyst replace wmyst (id101)
  54. Zombies from Resident evil replace fam2 (id106)
  55. Zombies from Resident evil replace ballas1 (id102)
  56. Zombies from Resident evil replace ballas2 (id103)
  57. Zombies from Resident evil replace ballas3 (id104)
  58. Zombies from Resident evil replace fam3 (id107)
  59. Zombies from Resident evil replace fam1 (id105)
  60. Zombies from Resident evil replace sofybu (id141)
  61. Zombies from Resident evil replace wmypizz (id155)
  62. Zombies from Resident evil replace bmymoun (id51)
  63. Zaporozhets of S.t.a.l.k.e.r. replace Phoenix
  64. Blood Burrito replace Burrito
  65. S-70 Battlehawk replace Hunter
  66. Chevrolet Chevette Eve of Destruction replace BF Injection
  67. Zombie (GTA V) replace wmyva2 (id252)
  68. Crimson Zombie Skin replace bmocd (id262)
Pack author: Poplen Downloads: 14014 Comments: 0
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