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Pack for samp for GTA San Andreas

6 November 2014
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Pack for samp for GTA San Andreas
Made specifically for JayRayRP's not all cars, planes, vertalëty, only those that can be found in the filter sump.
Pack include 292 modifications:
  1. Hayabusa Kart replace Kart
  2. Chevrolet Blazer Sheriff Edition replace Police Ranger
  3. 1976 Ford Mustang II Cobra " " v. 1.01 replace Fortune
  4. Toyota Celica GT-Four v 1.1 1994 replace Jester
  5. Malice from FlatOut 2 replace Bloodring
  6. GTAIV TLAD Tampa replace Tampa
  7. Cadillac Fleetwood Hearse 1985 replace Romero
  8. Red Lizard replace Tractor
  9. Chevrolet Caprice Classic lowrider replace Remington
  10. Volkswagen Transporter T1 SAMBAQ CAMPERVAN replace Camper
  11. Chevrolet Impala 2003 replace Admiral
  12. Chevrolet Step Van 30 (1988) replace Boxville
  13. Chevrolet Silverado 2500 MonsterTruck 1986 replace Monster
  14. Chevrolet G20 Enforcer replace Enforcer
  15. Plymouth Fury III coupe 1969 replace Buccaneer
  16. Chevy Monte Carlo 1970 Ragtop replace Savanna
  17. UAZ-3907 Jaguar replace Mesa
  18. Citroen HY 1972 replace Boxburg
  19. Jupiter Eagleray MK5 replace Virgo
  20. Insane 2 replace Dune
  21. AMC AMX Stock replace Hermes
  22. 1995 Chevrolet Impala SS replace Emperor
  23. Chevrolet Caprice 1991 LVPD replace Police LV
  24. Volkswagen Transporter T1 Hot Dog replace HotDog Van
  25. Garbage truck from GTA 4 replace Trashmaster
  26. Maximum Destruction Monster Truck replace Monster A
  27. Plymouth Volare Coupe 1977 replace Majestic
  28. Phantom of GTA IV replace Petrol
  29. 400 SE Mercedes Benz W140 (Wheels style 2) replace Merit
  30. GTA IV Feltzer replace Feltzer
  31. Plymouth Barracuda Rag Top 1970 replace Stallion
  32. GMC Armored Truck 1985 6000 replace Securicar
  33. Lincoln Towncar 2010 replace Stretch
  34. Ingot of GTA 4 replace Solair
  35. Ford E-350 Ambulance v 2.0 replace Ambulance
  36. Chevrolet Towtruck replace Towtruck
  37. Chevrolet Caprice 1991 replace Premier
  38. Chevrolet Suburban replace FBI Rancher
  39. 1993 Chevrolet Caprice Taxi replace Taxi
  40. Ford Mustang GT 5.0 Convertible 1987 replace Broadway
  41. GMC Top Kick 1988 replace Yankee
  42. Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser, 1972 replace Regina
  43. Ford F350 Truck REP replace FBI Truck
  44. Toyota Camry Nascar Edition replace Hotring Racer B
  45. GTAIV Pizzaboy replace Pizzaboy
  46. Lowrider Bicycle replace Bike
  47. Downhill Bike replace Mountain Bike
  48. Dragonfly replace Sea Sparrow
  49. Robinson R44 Raven II NC 1.0 TV replace News Maverick
  50. New Cargobob replace Cargobob
  51. MIG 1.44 replace Hydra
  52. Antonov 74 replace Shamal
  53. Mexicano Skin replace sfr3 (id175)
  54. BOSS replace triada (id117)
  55. GTA TBoGT APC of IVF replace SWAT
  56. New FBI replace wmyboun (id164)
  57. Rolls Royce Phantom Hamann replace Stafford
  58. Chevrolet Blazer K5 replace Rancher
  59. Chevrolet Caprice ' 91 LSPD replace Police LS
  60. Chevrolet Caprice ' 91 SFPD replace Police SF
  61. Ford Crown Victoria LTD 1985 taxi replace Cabbie
  62. The Rifa Gang (sfr1) replace sfr1 (id173)
  63. The Rifa Gang (sfr2) replace sfr2 (id174)
  64. Bald character replace maffb (id112)
  65. Ford F100 "Benson" replace Benson
  66. Mule from gta 4 replace Mule
  67. Volvo TH5 replace DFT-30
  68. Vaz 2105 By Vip-sv replace Perennial
  69. Cessna 152 v 1.1 (final) replace Dodo
  70. Ford Hot Rod 1932 replace Hustler
  71. Dodge Ram 2500 replace Bobcat
  72. New wmybmx [HD] replace wmybmx (id23)
  73. New gang member Fam 3 replace fam3 (id107)
  74. New nurgrl3 replace nurgrl3 (id193)
  75. Girl fan Chicago Bulls replace mecgrl3 (id192)
  76. New smokev HD replace smokev (id149)
  77. New skin of the triad replace dnb2 (id122)
  78. New skin of the triad replace triadb (id118)
  79. New skin of the triad replace triboss (id120)
  80. Heist Truck replace Monster B
  81. Chevrolet Apache replace Walton
  82. Ford Pinto 1973 Final replace Bravura
  83. Plymouth Belvedere replace Oceanic
  84. Mini Cooper 1965 replace Previon
  85. Golfcart caddy replace Caddy
  86. Chevrolet C10 replace Sadler
  87. Chevrolet Impala SS Nascar Nr. 48 replace Hotring Racer A
  88. Voodoo in GTA IV replace Voodoo
  89. Mi-24 p Desert Camo replace Hunter
  90. Vagos Girl replace copgrl3 (id190)
  91. New HD Skin Businessman replace bmybu (id17)
  92. Subaru Forester RRT Sport 2008 replace Landstalker
  93. Ford Gran Torino Monster Energy Drift replace Esperanto
  94. BMW X3 X-raid replace Sandking
  95. Mr-Tasty replace Mr Whoopee
  96. GTA IV Willard replace Willard
  97. Romans Taxi GTAIV replace Greenwood
  98. Moonbeam GTAIV replace Moonbeam
  99. Chevy Silverado SS 1985 replace Slamvan
  100. Chevrolet Silverado '86 replace Yosemite
  101. Tuned Piaggio replace Faggio
  102. Vagos2 replace lsv2 (id109)
  103. Russian Man replace vmaff2 (id125)
  104. Road Captain biker from GTA 4 replace bikdrug (id254)
  105. Skin from GTA 4 v11 replace bikerb (id248)
  106. Skin from GTA 4 v29 replace dnb3 (id123)
  107. Black Dressed Girl replace sofybu (id141)
  108. Ryder replace ryder (id271)
  109. Smoke replace smoke (id269)
  110. GANGRL3 HD replace gangrl3 (id195)
  111. New police replace tenpen (id265)
  112. New pulaski replace pulaski (id266)
  113. Torino HD replace torino (id295)
  114. MALE01 HD replace male01 (id7)
  115. Wmycon HD replace wmycon (id27)
  116. Wmybell HD replace wmybell (id167)
  117. Wmymech HD replace wmymech (id50)
  118. SWAT HD replace swat (id285)
  119. WMOSCI HD replace wmosci (id70)
  120. CLAUDE HD replace claude (id299)
  121. MAFBOSS replace mafboss (id113)
  122. VWMOTR1 HD replace vwmotr1 (id212)
  123. Renault Master CT replace Journey
  124. SWMOTR3 HD replace swmotr3 (id137)
  125. WMYPLT HD replace wmyplt (id61)
  126. CWMYHB2 HD replace cwmyhb2 (id200)
  127. SWMOTR5 HD replace swmotr5 (id230)
  128. Il-76td v2.0 replace AT-400
  129. WUZIMU HD replace wuzimu (id294)
  130. WMYBU HD (government) replace wmybu (id147)
  131. BALLAS2 HD (Ballas) replace ballas2 (id103)
  132. Cessna 208B Grand Caravan replace Beagle
  133. Pony from GTA 4 replace Pony
  134. WMYVA HD replace wmyva (id189)
  135. GTA V Mañana replace Manana
  136. HFYRI HD replace hfyri (id40)
  137. DSHER (Police) replace dsher (id288)
  138. Tornado GTA 5 replace Tornado
  139. BMW M3 E92 2008 Vossen replace Euros
  140. BMW M3 E46 2005 replace Cadrona
  141. Harley-Davidson Knucklehead replace Freeway
  142. Bugatti Veyron 16.4 replace Bullet
  143. SWMYRI HD replace swmyri (id240)
  144. Sheriff of GTA 5 replace csher (id283)
  145. The 17 Pounder GTA 5 replace Patriot
  146. Newsvan Rumpo of GTA 5 replace News Van
  147. BMYCR HD (Reddon) replace bmycr (id21)
  148. Subaru Impreza WRX STI replace Sentinel
  149. Honda Civic Si 1986 replace Flash
  150. SBMYCR HD replace sbmycr (id143)
  151. HMOST HD replace hmost (id44)
  152. WMYJG HD replace wmyjg (id96)
  153. SBMYRI HD replace sbmyri (id185)
  154. VWMYCR HD replace vwmycr (id181)
  155. BFYRI HD replace bfyri (id12)
  156. VWMYBJD HD replace vwmybjd (id171)
  157. Hoods Rumpo XL replace Burrito
  158. Harley Davidson fatboy Racing Bobber replace PCJ-600
  159. FSB Officer (conversion) replace fbi (id286)
  160. BF Injection GTA V replace BF Injection
  161. SOMYRI HD replace somyri (id186)
  162. WMYRO HD replace wmyro (id99)
  163. SOMORI HD replace somori (id228)
  164. WMYST HD replace wmyst (id101)
  165. SHFYPRO HD replace shfypro (id237)
  166. SFEMT1 HD replace sfemt1 (id276)
  167. LVEMT1 HD replace lvemt1 (id275)
  168. LAEMT1 HD replace laemt1 (id274)
  169. BMYBOUN HD replace bmyboun (id163)
  170. WMOMIB HD replace wmomib (id165)
  171. BMYMIB HD replace bmymib (id166)
  172. SWMYST HD replace swmyst (id188)
  173. BFYPRO HD replace bfypro (id63)
  174. WFYPRO HD replace wfypro (id152)
  175. International 9700 Car Hauler replace Packer
  176. VWMYBOX HD replace vwmybox (id81)
  177. MADDOGG HD replace maddogg (id297)
  178. TBONE HD replace tbone (id273)
  179. OMYRI HD replace omyri (id59)
  180. JoBuilt Hauler Fixet of GTA 5 replace Roadtrain
  181. VMAFF3 HD replace vmaff3 (id126)
  182. SWMYCR HD replace swmycr (id250)
  183. BMYDRUG HD replace bmydrug (id28)
  184. HMYRI HD replace hmyri (id46)
  185. DWAYNE HD replace dwayne (id268)
  186. Hakumai Dinka From GTA IV replace Washington
  187. WMYCR HD replace wmycr (id100)
  188. VMYBOX HD replace vbmybox (id80)
  189. WMYPIZZ HD replace wmypizz (id155)
  190. OGLOC HD replace ogloc (id293)
  191. CESAR HD replace cesar (id292)
  192. JIZZY HD replace jizzy (id296)
  193. GTA V MTL Packer replace Linerunner
  194. Pfister Comet GTA V replace Comet
  195. GTA V Karin Asterope 1.0 replace Sunrise
  196. Toyota Chaser Tourer V replace Primo
  197. Dewbauchee Massacro replace Uranus
  198. Ryder HD (masked) replace ryder3 (id86)
  199. Eazy-E replace ryder2
  200. Hummer H1 Alpha replace Huntley
  201. Lamborghini Huracan Liberty Walk replace Banshee
  202. MH-60 l AC AH replace Raindance
  203. Pagani Huayra 2012 replace Infernus
  204. CWMYHB1 HD replace cwmyhb1 (id162)
  205. Joe Barbaro of MAFIA II replace maffa (id111)
  206. Aston Martin V12 Vantage S 2013 replace Alpha
  207. HD skin bus Coach replace Coach
  208. BMW E31 850CSi 1996 replace ZR-350
  209. fam1 by DmXLite [HD] replace fam1 (id105)
  210. Yamaha R1 2011 replace BF-400
  211. Caterpillar 797 replace Dumper
  212. Vagos replace lsv3 (id110)
  213. Sanchez From GTA V replace Sanchez
  214. Sweet HD replace sweet (id270)
  215. Girl in camouflage pants replace gungrl3 (id191)
  216. New police v. 1 replace lapd1 (id280)
  217. New police v. 2 replace sfpd1 (id281)
  218. New police v. 4 replace lapdm1 (id284)
  219. Lafd1 HD replace lafd1 (id277)
  220. Lvfd1 HD replace lvfd1 (id278)
  221. Sffd1 HD replace sffd1 (id279)
  222. Bell 429 replace Maverick
  223. Vapid Radius v1.0 (HQLM) replace Vincent
  224. BALLAS1 replace ballas1 (id102)
  225. BMYTATT HD replace bmytatt (id180)
  226. WMOTR1 HD replace wmotr1 (id78)
  227. ZERO HD replace zero (id289)
  228. BMOTR1 HD replace bmotr1 (id79)
  229. Ford Mustang Boss 302 2013 replace Buffalo
  230. VMAFF4 HD replace vmaff4 (id127)
  231. SBFYRI HD replace sbfyri (id219)
  232. EMMET HD replace emmet (id6)
  233. DWMYLC1 HD replace dwmylc1 (id34)
  234. WFYBE HD replace wfybe (id138)
  235. GTA V Blade replace Blade
  236. GTA 5 DewBauchee JB-700 V 1.0 (IVF) replace Super GT
  237. Bmycon in HD replace bmycon (id260)
  238. Vagos from GTA 5 Skin 1 replace lsv1 (id108)
  239. Rhapsody GTA TLAD replace Blista Compact
  240. GTA V Cheetah V2 replace Cheetah
  241. GTA IV Flatbed replace Flatbed
  242. Ballas3 (104) replace ballas3 (id104)
  243. Fam2 HD replace fam2 (id106)
  244. GTA V Grotti Turismo (R) replace Turismo
  245. T-80U replace Rhino
  246. Bravado Paradise GTA V replace Rumpo
  247. BMYPIMP HD replace bmypimp (id249)
  248. ANDRE HD replace andre (id3)
  249. DNB1 HD replace dnb1 (id121)
  250. WMYVA2 HD replace wmyva2 (id252)
  251. WMYCLOT HD replace wmyclot (id217)
  252. VMAFF1 HD by Vados replace vmaff1 (id124)
  253. SINDACO HD replace sindaco (id119)
  254. K2B BMX Ghetto 2.0 replace BMX
  255. Volkswagen Golf MK1 GTI replace Club
  256. Benefactor of Glendale from the GTA 5 replace Glendale
  257. Bravado Buffalo S v1.0 GTA V replace Sultan
  258. Youga GTA V replace Topfun
  259. GTA V Akuma v1.0 replace FCR-900
  260. GTA V Phoenix replace Phoenix
  261. Bagger of GTA V replace Wayfarer
  262. GTA 5 Pegassi to Bati 801 replace NRG-500
  263. Mercedes-Benz 190E 3.2 AMG replace Nebula
  264. Maccer HD replace maccer (id2)
  265. T-69 Erplain replace Rustler
  266. The Ravaged Buggy replace Bandito
  267. GTA V Stratum replace Stratum
  268. From Mad Max 2 interceptor in the style of Gta San Andreas replace Hotknife
  269. Russian Support from Battlefield 4 replace army (id287)
  270. Biker replace bikera (id247)
  271. Quad from GTA V replace Quad
  272. heli police federal replace Police Maverick
  273. BBTHIN HD replace bbthin (id4)
  274. HFYBE HD replace hfybe (id140)
  275. OMYST HD replace omyst (id60)
  276. FORELLI HD replace forelli (id272)
  277. SUZIE HD replace suzie (id208)
  278. GTA V Picador replace Picador
  279. GTA V Barracks replace Barracks
  280. GTA V Vigero replace Clover
  281. VLA1 by Wakavelli Cuadrado replace vla1 (id114)
  282. VLA2 by Wakavelli Cuadrado replace vla2 (id115)
  283. VLA3 by Wakavelli Cuadrado replace vla3 (id116)
  284. Jethro HD replace jethro (id42)
  285. GTA V Intruder replace Intruder
  286. GTA V Ubermacht Oracle XS replace Elegant
  287. Bravado Gauntlet GTA V replace Sabre
  288. Buick Regal "Hotring" 1983 replace Hotring Racer
  289. GTA V Ocelot Jackal replace Tahoma
  290. Lampadati Pigalle GTA 5 replace Windsor
  291. GTA V Police Bike replace Police Bike
Pack author: pavel22227 Downloads: 2312 Comments: 0
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