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GTA V: the Official pack v 1. for GTA San Andreas

24 February 2015
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 GTA V: Official pack v.1 for GTA San Andreas
This pack turns your GTA SA, GTA V!

1. it replaced nearly all the machines.
2. in Pak moved good models skins, weapons, etc. from the GTA 5.
3. the texture of GTA 5, set themselves, and the texture will be in version 2.
I do Pack for the first time, do not judge strictly).

P.s: wait for v. 2.
Pack include 125 modifications:
  1. Realistic Night Mod
  2. New textures Los Santos Stadium Forum
  3. San Fierro Re-Textured
  4. Realistic Car Crash Physics
  5. New roads in Los Santos
  6. GTA 5 t-shirt replace White T-Shirt
  7. Shotgun of GTA 5 replace Shotgun
  8. Sounds of Nature
  9. A police jeep from GTA V replace Police Ranger
  10. Rat Loader GTA V replace Walton
  11. Comet GTA V replace Comet
  12. Police Buffalo GTA V replace Police LS
  13. Granger Civil of GTA 5 replace Rnchlure
  14. GTA V Tailgater replace Elegant
  15. Police Maverick from GTA V replace Police Maverick
  16. GTA V Mañana replace Manana
  17. Bobcat XL of GTA 5 replace Bobcat
  18. Youga out GTA 5 replace Moonbeam
  19. Baseball bat from GTA V replace Baseball Bat
  20. Tornado GTA 5 replace Tornado
  21. Monroe of GTA 5 replace Blista Compact
  22. Assault Rifle from the GTA 5 replace AK47
  23. Knife of GTA 5 replace Knife
  24. Molotov cocktail of GTA 5 replace Molotovs
  25. Hammer of GTA 5 replace Purple Dildo
  26. Putter of GTA 5 replace Golf Club
  27. MicroSMG of GTA 5 replace Micro Uzi
  28. Desert Eagle from GTA 5 replace Desert Eagle
  29. The parachute of GTA 5 replace Parachute
  30. The 17 Pounder GTA 5 replace Patriot
  31. Rhino of GTA 5 replace Rhino
  32. Newsvan Rumpo of GTA 5 replace News Van
  33. Taxi from GTA 5 replace Taxi
  34. Sandking XL of GTA 5 replace Monster
  35. Cognocsenti Cabrio of GTA 5 replace Benson
  36. Z-Type GTA V replace Hustler
  37. Picador GTA V replace Picador
  38. Regina GTA V replace Regina
  39. GANG Burrito GTA V replace Burrito
  40. CAMPER GTA V replace Journey
  41. DockTug GTA V replace Linerunner
  42. Carbonizzare GTA V replace Bloodring
  43. BF Injection GTA V replace BF Injection
  44. Hauler GTA V replace Roadtrain
  45. GTA V Rapid GT Cabrio replace Buccaneer
  46. GTA V Exempler replace Feltzer
  47. GTA V Buffalo Taxi replace Cabbie
  48. GTA V Overflod Entity XF replace Hotring Racer
  49. GTA V Grotti Turismo (R) replace Turismo
  50. Photographing Self (Selfi-Camera)
  51. Airbus A340-300 Air Herler GTA V replace AT-400
  52. GTA 5 Cheval Surge 1.0 replace Sentinel
  53. Sanchez From GTA V replace Sanchez
  54. Pegassi Zentorno GTA 5 V 1. replace Infernus
  55. Vapid Police Interceptor from GTA V replace Police LV
  56. Srainer from GTA 5 replace Greenwood
  57. Ambulance of GTA 5 replace Ambulance
  58. Stun Gun/Tazer Gun from GTA 5 replace Silenced Pistol
  59. Modern Day Las Venturas Road Texture
  60. GTA V Elegy RH8 Twin-Turbo (IVF) replace Elegy
  61. GTA V Blade replace Blade
  62. GTA V Albany Alpha replace Alpha
  63. GTA 5 DewBauchee JB-700 v1.0 with Machine Guns (IVF) replace Super GT
  64. GTA V Cheetah V2 replace Cheetah
  65. Enus Huntley S HQLM GTA V replace Huntley
  66. Albany Cavalcade 2 GEN HQLM GTA V replace Yosemite
  67. GTA V Dominator replace Hermes
  68. GTA V Adder replace Bravura
  69. Bravado Paradise GTA V replace Rumpo
  70. GTA V Tow Truck Cleaned replace Towtruck
  71. GTA V Mesa replace Mesa
  72. GTA V Dinka Jester IVF replace Jester
  73. Bravado Buffalo S v1.0 GTA V replace Buffalo
  74. GTA V Phoenix replace Phoenix
  75. GTA 5 Pegassi to Bati 801 replace NRG-500
  76. HotKnife GTA V replace Hotknife
  77. GTA V Stratum replace Stratum
  78. GTA V Pegassi Vacca replace Merit
  79. Sweeper from GTA 5 replace Willard
  80. Vader from GTA 5 replace BF-400
  81. GTA V Dashound (Fixed Collison) replace Coach
  82. GTA V Ambulacia Maverick replace Raindance
  83. GTA V Vigero replace Clover
  84. GTA V Sultan replace Sultan
  85. GTA V Tailgater replace Emperor
  86. GTA V Vapid Police Interceptor replace Police SF
  87. GTA V Fathom FQ2 replace Rancher
  88. Vulcar Warrener of GTA 5 replace Previon
  89. Sticky Bombs GTA 5 replace Sachet Charges
  90. Bravado Gauntlet GTA V replace Sabre
  91. Lampadati Pigalle GTA 5 replace Windsor
  92. Benefactor Panto GTA 5 replace Sweeper
  93. Buckingham Shamal GTA V replace Shamal
  94. GTA V Vapid Bullet GT replace Bullet
  95. GTA V Benefactor Dubsta replace Solair
  96. GTA V Stretch replace Stretch
  97. HD Dodo replace Dodo
  98. GTA 5 P996 Lazer replace Hydra
  99. GTA V Truffade Z-Type replace Broadway
  100. Vapid Minivan (GTA V) replace Flash
  101. Hotknife GTA 5 replace Bandito
  102. C-130H Hercules "GTA V Titan" replace Nevada
  103. GTA 5 Mallard replace Stuntplane
  104. GTA 5 Benefactor Dubsta replace Esperanto
  105. GTA V Schyster Fusilade Sport 1.0 HQLM replace Admiral
  106. Cargobob of GTA 5 replace Cargobob
  107. HD GTA V bag replace Yellow Watch Watch
  108. GTA V Surfer replace Camper
  109. GTA V Utility Van replace Utility Van
  110. GTA V Declasse Rhapsody replace Club
  111. GTA V Benson replace Yankee
  112. GTA V HUD Next-gen edition V0.920 BY DK22Pac
  113. GTA V Stockade replace Securicar
  114. Airship of GTA V over Los Santos
  115. GTA V Enus Cognoscenti Cabrio replace Majestic
  116. GTA V Styled Radar V2
  117. Mask Stick of GTA V replace Hockey Mask
  118. Buzzard Attack Chopper (from GTA 5) replace Sparrow
  119. Buckingham Maverick (GTA 5) replace Maverick
  120. Submersible (Submarine) of GTA V replace Jetmax
  121. GTA V Innovation replace Wayfarer
  122. Copbike from GTA 5 replace Police Bike
  123. Minigun of GTA V replace Minigun
  124. GTA V Trem replace Brown Streak
  125. GTA V Bravado Banshee replace Banshee
Pack author: Turbo123 Downloads: 39396 Comments: 6
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  • iceman2825
    iceman2825 Offline
     Member 7
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    Crashes rules2
    7 March 2015 19:04
  • Бабайка
    Бабайка Offline
     Journalist 9791
    - 0 +
    iceman2825, You do not say! All mods are checked moderation and therefore all fashion should work. Pak big, so it is advisable to put on a clean game.

    P.S: Sorry for my bad English...
    7 March 2015 19:28
    reply to a comment iceman2825
  • Turbo123
    Turbo123 Offline
     Member 342
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    Бабайка, Can,Pack? Коммент сверху.
    24 April 2015 17:01
    reply to a comment Бабайка
  • Kenken27
    Kenken27 Offline
     Member 4
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    Hey, why does my game crash after i install this?

    P.S iput this on a clean game

    Hey somebody reply please. I really want this mod
    2 April 2017 06:24
  • Kenken27
    Kenken27 Offline
     Member 4
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    iceman2825, Did you fix yours? How?

    Did you fix yours? How?
    2 April 2017 06:43
    reply to a comment iceman2825
  • AlterBlitz
    AlterBlitz Offline
     Moderator Comments moderator 1241
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    Kenken27, There are lots of mods in this pack so some of them might conflict with others and cause crashes. Just install 1 mod at a time and see if they work properly before installing the rest. Contact me through PM only:
    -> If you have any Mod issues and game crashes.
    -> If you have new ideas about creating mods.
    -> If there are any moderation issues.
    5 April 2017 02:13
    reply to a comment Kenken27

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