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Hitman Pack by Nik100203 for GTA San Andreas

28 April 2015
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 Hitman Pack by Nik100203 for GTA San Andreas
This pack required: CLEO 4 for GTA San Andreas
My Pack on Hitmena.
Pack contains:
-6 weapons of Hitman.
-skin of the universe 4 Hitman.
-A new sight for sniper.
-New fonts.
-New menus and loading screens.
-2 characteristics of the video game series Hitman.
-Nažmitn (L) near the dead policeman, to pick up his clothes. After changing clothes at the GG all stars are missing.
-Aim at the target and then in English. M. you will see a green square (repeat to remove it). Then how to choose, click on engl. N and the hero will kill them one by one.
If the box is red, you will not be able to kill them. Red box appears only when the goal is somehow an obstacle. It can be a car, wall, post, etc. (only works with a pistol with a silencer and 9 mm).
Pack author: Nik100203 Downloads: 1187 Comments: 0
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