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Realistic puck for GTA San Andreas

2 June 2015
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Реалистичный пак for GTA San Andreas
Replaces all the weapons.
HD Texture (Texture).
Adds a new water.
New effects.
Ragdoll mod.
ENB series.
Dynamyc Fov.
New textures of money.
Vehicles without the mud.
Texture machines in HD.
Widlescreen Fix.
Pack include 76 modifications:
  1. Wheels from the game Juiced 2. Pack # 1
  2. Guitarist effects v 1.4
  3. New texture preservation
  4. 5-and Rublëvye coins
  5. HD Machines v1
  6. Real puddles of blood
  7. New stars for Huda No. 4
  8. Machines without dirt
  9. HD textures of the seabed
  10. New BMX Park
  11. New pool table
  12. The new target
  13. GTA SA IV Los Santos Re-Textured Ciy
  14. HD Water v4 Final
  15. Mouse Fix
  16. HD Garage in Doherty
  17. HQ Beach v 1.0
  18. New texture machines
  19. Sunny Summer 2010 Oblivion Project
  20. m14 replace Rifle
  21. M870 Chrome replace Shotgun
  22. USP 45 Chrome replace Colt 45
  23. Desert Eagle Silver replace Desert Eagle
  24. Bits Of The Orcs replace Baseball Bat
  25. [Point Blank] Machete replace Knife
  26. Fire extinguisher from GTA 4. replace Fire Extinguisher
  27. Frostmorn-sword of the Lich King WoW replace Katana
  28. Raid replace Spray Paint
  29. Automatic g37 replace AK47
  30. Flashlight replace White Dildo 2
  31. Thermal Goggles replace Thermal Goggles
  32. Detector of s. t. a. l. k. e. R # 3 replace Detonator
  33. Flying machine by Leonardo da Vinci replace jetpack
  34. Tec 9 GOLD replace Tec9
  35. Flowers HD replace Flowers
  36. MP5 Gold replace MP5
  37. The Micro Uzi Gold replace Micro Uzi
  38. Hammer replace Purple Dildo
  39. Smoke grenade HD replace Tear Gas
  40. A military stalker in èkzoskelete replace fam1 (id105)
  41. RPG of BF2 replace RPG
  42. Dynamic FOV
  43. C4 From Battlefield 2
  44. Hobo replace fam2 (id106)
  45. AWP from CS: GO replace Sniper Rifle
  46. Tomahawk replace Shovel
  47. Cleaver replace Long White Dildo
  48. The Nunchuck replace Cane
  49. Shestistvolka replace Minigun
  50. New chainsaw replace Chainsaw
  51. Paint Roller replace White Dildo
  52. Wolverine claws replace Brass Knuckles
  53. Camera "Canon" replace Camera
  54. The New Grove Street
  55. Deadpool SledgeHammer replace Golf Club
  56. New skin fam3 replacement replace fam3 (id107)
  57. HD replacement skin ballas2 replace ballas2 (id103)
  58. New RPG replace Missile Launcher
  59. Glock P80 replace Silenced Pistol
  60. New cue replace Pool cue
  61. Ballas1 replace ballas1 (id102)
  62. Fairy replace Molotovs
  63. Nightvision replace Nightvision Goggles
  64. The parachute of GTA 5 replace Parachute
  65. Flame Thrower HD replace Flame Thrower
  66. Widescreen Fix
  67. Bleed from Srow replace Sawn Off Shotgun
  68. Ballas Girl 1 (GTA V) replace ballas3 (id104)
  69. Sticky Bombs GTA 5 replace Sachet Charges
  70. Christmas lollipop from WarFace replace Night Stick
  71. New year's Eve grenade from WarFace replace Grenades
  72. New shotgun SPAS-12 from WarFace replace Combat Shotgun
  73. Configure the Ragdoll fashion
  74. FN SCAR-H from Medal of Honor: the Warfighter replace M4
  75. New Timecyc
  76. ENB Series for clabyh-Middle PC Beta
Pack author: DaN163163RUS Downloads: 18715 Comments: 0
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