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Pak HD transport for SA-MP for GTA San Andreas

28 August 2015
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Пак HD транспорта для SA-MP for GTA San Andreas
Hello world! Today I decided to collect all transport to Pak SA-MP. This package has been replaced by all vehicles, from the most rare, to frequent. For its diversity, I added a lot of different cars, as well as modern transport.
1) All Moto.
2) all bikes.
3) all aircraft.
4) All helicopters.
5) All trailers.
6) all boats.
7) All standard auto.
8) the entire State. transport.
9) all railway transport.
Download and evaluate.
Pack include 183 modifications:
  1. Volkswagen Golf Mk II replace Club
  2. Dodge Charger SRT8 replace Sultan
  3. Ford Mustang GT 2005 replace Buffalo
  4. Chevrolet NIVA replace Landstalker
  5. Forklift GTAIV replace Forklift
  6. APCS of GTA IV replace SWAT
  7. BMW X-Raid X3CC replace Sandking
  8. Nissan 370Z v 2.0 replace Alpha
  9. Volkswagen_Touareg replace Rnchlure
  10. Vaz 2102 replace Perennial
  11. MAN TGX V8 replace Petrol
  12. Dodge Ram SRT 10 replace Yosemite
  13. Pontiac Trans Am 1977 replace Phoenix
  14. Ferrari F40 Competizione replace Turismo
  15. Chevrolet Camaro 1991 RS Convertible replace Feltzer
  16. Hummer H1 replace Patriot
  17. Chevrolet Blazer K5 Monster Skin 3 replace Monster B
  18. Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera 1993 replace Nebula
  19. Kenworth Car Hauler replace Packer
  20. YERAZ 762 in replace Boxville
  21. Volkswagen Saveiro G5 replace Bobcat
  22. Jaguar XK Convertable replace Super GT
  23. Opel Omega A replace Emperor
  24. BMW Z8 replace Windsor
  25. Airport Service Vehicle replace Baggage Handler
  26. MAN TGA replace Dune
  27. VAZ 2113 replace Flash
  28. New Van News replace News Van
  29. BMW E34 525tds Taxi replace Taxi
  30. Ford Gran Torino Stock replace Esperanto
  31. Slamvan Custom replace Slamvan
  32. Plymouth Fury III replace Glenshit
  33. Chevrolet C 10 replace Walton
  34. Toyota Supra NFSMW Tunable replace Uranus
  35. Cadillac Fleetwood Hearse 1985 replace Romero
  36. Shifter kart Honda CR 125 replace Kart
  37. Red Lizard replace Tractor
  38. 1957 Chevrolet BelAir Bloodring Banger replace Bloodring
  39. Securicar from GTA IV replace Securicar
  40. Nissan Cefiro A31 (D1GP) replace Sunrise
  41. Ford F150 1978 old crate edition replace Sadlshit
  42. 1983 Chevrolet Impala replace Tahoma
  43. Chevrolet Silverado 2500 MonsterTruck 1986 replace Monster
  44. Lincoln Continental Town Coupe 1979 replace Remington
  45. Special Forces Machine HD replace Enforcer
  46. Mitsubishi Evo X Falken replace Hotring Racer B
  47. Jaguar XK replace Cadrona
  48. Citroen HY 1972 replace Boxburg
  49. Hermes HD replace Hermes
  50. Mazda 626 1986 DC replace Intruder
  51. Mazda RX 7 replace ZR-350
  52. Volkswagen Transporter T1 Hot Dog replace HotDog Van
  53. Cabbie HD replace Cabbie
  54. Rancher from GTA 4 replace Rancher
  55. 3302 Gazelle replace Mule
  56. GTA IV Merit replace Merit
  57. Blista From GTA IV replace Blista Compact
  58. Freightliner Century replace Linerunner
  59. Sabre GT From GTA IV replace Sabre
  60. VAZ 1111 Oka Protein replace Manana
  61. Chevrolet Forvard Control replace Mr Whoopee
  62. 2012 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD replace Benson
  63. Jeep Wrangler Rubicon replace Mesa
  64. GMC Top Kick 1988 replace Yankee
  65. BMW M5 E60 replace Premier
  66. Mack R600 1982 replace Trashmaster
  67. Huntley in GTA IV replace Huntley
  68. BUGSTARS Burrito from GTA IV replace Topfun
  69. Harley Davidson replace Freeway
  70. GTAIV Pizzaboy replace Pizzaboy
  71. GTAIV Faggio replace Faggio
  72. HH-60 Jayhawk USCG replace Raindance
  73. Dragonfly replace Sea Sparrow
  74. AS-350 TV replace News Maverick
  75. Dragonfly-Land Version replace Sparrow
  76. SH-3 Seaking replace Leviathan
  77. Bombardier Leardjet 45XR replace Shamal
  78. AT400 with full Interior replace AT-400
  79. Maule Orion replace Dodo
  80. Tuff-Luv typeZ replace Stuntplane
  81. Improved Andromeda replace Andromada
  82. Cessna 152 water option replace Skimmer
  83. Aveeng Express replace Brown Streak
  84. The Canadian Light Rail replace Tram
  85. Southern Pacific SD 40 replace Freight
  86. Trailer Petrotr replace Petro Trailer
  87. Trailer artict1 replace Artict1
  88. MAN TGX 8 x 4 trailer replace Artict3
  89. Bounty Hunter replace Monster A
  90. New Combine replace Combine Harvester
  91. Toyota GX71 Cresta replace Vincent
  92. DC3 replace Nevada
  93. Mercedes-Benz E320 replace Solair
  94. Chevrolet Blazer K5 Sheriff version 1986 replace Police Ranger
  95. Seagrave Ladder 42 replace Firetruck LA
  96. Air Tug from GTA IV replace Tug
  97. Bulldozer CAT replace Dozer
  98. Volkswagen LT-55 replace Flatbed
  99. Voodoo in GTA IV replace Voodoo
  100. RTS 420 Šatalka replace Cement
  101. HD Hunter replace Hunter
  102. P51D Mustang Red Tails replace Rustler
  103. Armored Federal Police replace FBI Truck
  104. Mitsubishi Colt Diesel replace DFT-30
  105. Oracle GTAIV replace Sentinel
  106. GTAIV Buccaneer replace Buccaneer
  107. GTA IV Presidente replace Elegant
  108. Admiral GTAIV replace Admiral
  109. Primo GTA4 replace Primo
  110. Ford Mustang Fastback 1967 replace Tampa
  111. Uranus v.1 replace Bravura
  112. Ford F-150 replace Sadler
  113. Volvo VNL "Red" replace Roadtrain
  114. Elegy of GTA 5 replace Elegy
  115. Cessna 208B Grand Caravan replace Beagle
  116. Pony from GTA 4 replace Pony
  117. GTA V Mañana replace Blade
  118. Youga out GTA 5 replace Moonbeam
  119. Police Cruiser from GTA 5 replace Police LS
  120. Z-Type GTA V replace Hustler
  121. Regina GTA V replace Regina
  122. CAMPER GTA V replace Journey
  123. GTA V Airport Bus replace Bus
  124. Hakumai Dinka From GTA IV replace Washington
  125. Pfister Comet GTA V replace Comet
  126. Sanchez From GTA V replace Sanchez
  127. Srainer from GTA 5 replace Greenwood
  128. Ambulance of GTA 5 replace Ambulance
  129. GTA V Cheetah V2 replace Cheetah
  130. Burrito DeClasse of GTA 5 replace Burrito
  131. Trailer Schmitz Timber Carrier replace Artict2
  132. GTA V Coquette replace Euros
  133. Bravado Paradise GTA V replace Rumpo
  134. GTA V Tow Truck Cleaned replace Towtruck
  135. Benefactor of Glendale from the GTA 5 replace Glendale
  136. GTA V Akuma v1.0 replace FCR-900
  137. Moskvich 412 replace Oceanic
  138. Bagger of GTA V replace Wayfarer
  139. GTA 5 Pegassi to Bati 801 replace NRG-500
  140. Infernus from GTA V replace Infernus
  141. GTA V Stratum replace Stratum
  142. GTA 5 FIB Granger replace FBI Rancher
  143. Vader from GTA 5 replace BF-400
  144. Stallion from GTA IV replace Stallion
  145. GTA V Bravado Buffalo S Police Edition replace Police LV
  146. GTA V Dashound (Fixed Collison) replace Coach
  147. GTA V Picador replace Picador
  148. GTA V Barracks replace Barracks
  149. GTA V Vigero replace Clover
  150. GTA V Vapid Police Interceptor replace Police SF
  151. Benefactor Panto GTA 5 replace Sweeper
  152. GTA V Police Bike replace Police Bike
  153. GTA V Tornado replace Tornado
  154. GTA V Vapid Bullet GT replace Bullet
  155. GTA V Stretch replace Stretch
  156. GTA V Shitzu Hackuchou replace PCJ-600
  157. GTA V Truffade Z-Type replace Broadway
  158. Mercedes-Benz ELEGANT replace Previon
  159. GTA IV Willard replace Willard
  160. G-164A Ag-Cat replace Crop Duster
  161. GTA V Utility Van replace Utility Van
  162. Chevrolet Impala 1963 replace Savanna
  163. The policeman Jammer of GTA 5 replace Police Maverick
  164. Buckingham Maverick (GTA 5) replace Maverick
  165. GTA V Hotknife replace Hotknife
  166. GTA V Bravado Banshee replace Banshee
  167. BMX from GTA V replace BMX
  168. The fortune of GTA IV replace Fortune
  169. GTA V Scorcher replace Mountain Bike
  170. Two-axle trailer replace Bagbox A
  171. GTA V Mower replace Mower
  172. GTA 5 Caddy replace Caddy
  173. Virgo from GTA IV replace Virgo
  174. BF Dune Buggy GTA V replace Bandito
  175. Dewbauchee Massacro Racecar GTA V replace Hotring Racer
  176. Super Diamond GTA V replace Stafford
  177. Bifta GTA V replace BF Injection
  178. MTL Fire Truck GTA V replace Firetruck
  179. Surfer of GTA V replace Camper
  180. Bravado Gauntlet Redwood GTA V replace Hotring Racer A
  181. GTA V Progen T20 replace Jester
  182. DAC 120DE replace Dumper
Pack author: x__3JloU_KpoJluK_x Downloads: 18791 Comments: 0
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